Personal Training Certification Institute

It’s an exciting time for aspiring personal trainers to get instant access to top personal training and related courses online. The Personal Training Certification Institute launches a brand new website as well as rivals current course organizations with the number of courses they offer.

According to Meredith Adams, Education Support Staff member, “We wanted to remove some of the time consuming and costly barriers related to getting a personal training certification. Many courses required today are simply not accessible to the majority of the population who want to look at it as a viable opportunity for a change in jobs or a way of adding supplemental income.”

The most popular program being offered is for the certification of a nationally and internationally recognized Personal Trainer. However, they also offer certifications for an Advanced Personal Trainer and Master Personal Trainer. For fitness trainers who want more diversity in their abilities and offerings, the Personal Training Certification Institute offers over 50 different certification courses. They cover cycling, golf fitness, sports nutrition, pilates, yoga, water aerobics, kettlebell instruction and many more.  This makes them one of the largest certification companies in the country.

“Each of our personal training certifications meets the highest standards of online education and are designed to be affordable and accessible for the general public,” said Meredith Adams with the Personal Training Certification Institute.  The institute believes an online environment can offer the quality standards that are important in this industry while still encouraging a wide base on support.

The personal training certifications are designed for anyone who wants to explore a new career, add extra income or pursue their passion of working with others through fitness. Additional certification courses allow students to become qualified instructors in a wide variety of special interests or populations. They also serve to help grow the training and knowledge base of fitness trainers looking for more depth.

For more information on the Personal Training Certification Institute, visit or call the toll free customer support line at 1-800-449-6189.

About the Personal Training Certification Institute:

The Personal Training Certification Institute is based out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. They specialize in offering traditional and innovative certification programs to meet the needs of personal trainers around the world. They offer a wide diverse selection of certification courses at very affordable prices.


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