Power Systems: Using Fitness to Influence Your Community

Power Systems

Power Systems‘ mission is to advance health, fitness, and performance by being a resource to its customers. By creating new partnerships, updating products, and providing educational programs, Power Systems “strives to become a complete solution for you as you use fitness as a means to influence the world.”

Tee Ezell, the RecSports Fitness Program Director at the University of Tennessee, shared insights on their department’s experience working with the company.

CR: How were you introduced to Power Systems and why did you decided to partner with them? 

TE: I was first introduced to Power Systems in the mid 1990s after attending several Sara City fitness conferences. Being a group fitness instructor/personal trainer myself, I had the exposure to being familiar with Power System’s equipment and knowledge of their equipment, as well as equipment that I have used for a long time. I consider their company top notch, of superior quality, exceptional customer service, and their discounts aren’t too bad either. I have been Fitness Program Director at the University of Tennessee for a little over 18 years and have purchased our equipment from Power Systems since 1998.

CR: What are the benefits to your recreation center and your students as a result of the partnership? 

TE: Our students have benefitted greatly from Powers Systems’ products. Giving a rough estimate, and on average, on a high-volume day, we serve about 2,800 students who utilize the fitness area, group fitness studios, and stretch/TRX areas. On a higher volume day, about 4,500 participants are utilizing our facility and somewhere in the facility, Power Systems equipment is within reach. So I try to stay on top of the latest trends for equipment needs to serve our participants. Our center is equipped with the latest in balls, kettlebells, discs, strength equipment, mind/body, and fitness assessment needs, just to name a few. I have to admit, our equipment takes a daily beating and seems to withstand the high volume of participation that we have. Power Systems is located here in Knoxville, Tennessee, so it makes it convenient to run out to the company warehouse to pick up our orders — if we want to — or have them delivered within a reasonable amount of time.

CR: Have you been pleasantly surprised by working with Power Systems in any way? 

TE: Yes. Power Systems continues to be innovative with new concepts, and their ideas surrounding the principles of movement training. I feel like, any piece of equipment you want or need, Power Systems has it, even rubber floor mats, which surprised me at one point in time. In the past, I attended a couple of their Total Training Systems workshops, and it wasn’t until then that I learned Power Systems was founded on education, which I thought was impressive. I learned a lot from their workshops and the useful ways their products can be utilized.

CR: What else can you tell other recreation professionals about the benefits of working with Power Systems? 

TE: Power Systems is a reliable, trustworthy, customer service oriented company that stands by their products. Any equipment needs you have to furnish a rec center/fitness center could literally be done in a one-stop shop with Power Systems.


For more information on Power Systems, visit http://www.power-systems.com/.

Emily Harbourne was a previous editor for Campus Rec Magazine.

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