PowerVent Balanced Airflow System

PowerVent Balanced Airflow System

What if your hardwood athletic floor could tell you when it’s too dry or too humid? With Aacer Sports Flooring’s PowerVent Advanced Balanced Air Flow System it can.  Here’s a closer look at the two air flow systems available through Aacer Sports Flooring:

PowerVent Air Flow System

For nearly 20 years, the original Aacer Sports Flooring’s PowerVent airflow system has been used in installations using a forced ventilation system. This patented system can detect humidity levels below the floor’s surface. When humidity levels are elevated, the system triggers blowers that are located under the floor to start circulating air. The strategically placed sensors are positioned within subfloor cavities. The manner of introducing mechanically forced air circulation throughout the subfloor can balance the humidity below the floor before it creates ill effects. The PowerVent adds a sense of security to your floor investment.

Building on the success of PowerVent, Aacer Sports Flooring has designed an Advanced version.

PowerVent Advanced Balanced Air Flow System

The advanced system features all the same benefits as Aacer’s original system: early moisture detection and removal of elevated humidity. This exclusive PowerVent Advanced system maintains common humidity levels above and below the surface of the hardwood athletic floors.

Wood materials function best when moisture content of each component is balanced from top to bottom. Being balanced reduces the negative effects associated with uneven moisture, such as floor board cupping and related stresses of wood fiber. Maintaining balanced humidity above and below the hardwood floor creates the benefit of symmetric reaction of subfloor and flooring components.

How It Works 

By monitoring levels above and below the floor, PowerVent Advanced either introduces or reduces humidity levels. Humidity levels are determined by sensors located within the subfloor (below) as well as in the room (above). Point and tolerance ranges are set based on the facility specifics. These levels determine the balanced condition of the floor system and when to activate the blowers.

Added Features

Conditions such as extreme humidity under the floor or elevated CO2 levels can be monitored by PowerVent Advanced. This enhanced system also includes a built-in alarm relay suitable for remote connection to personal devices. It can be set-up to activate a strobe light indicator or connect to the facility’s existing building control system.

Aacer Sports Flooring

Aacer Sports Flooring is a member of the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association and manufacturer of innovative athletic and recreational floor systems. For more information, visit aacerflooring.com.

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