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Amy Sandt, the assistant vice president of recreational service and athletics at Kutztown University, shares about partnering with Precor.

Campus Rec: How long have you been a customer of Precor?

Amy Sandt: Since 2006.

CR: How were you introduced to Precor, and why did you decide to work with them?

AS: Precor was the company we worked with when our facility was built in 2006. They helped us find the perfect mix of equipment for our patrons. The equipment we chose withstood a great deal of use, rarely needing repair, with a lifespan far greater than was anticipated. Their service was exceptional.

CR: What are the benefits to your rec center as a result of this partnership?

AS: We have an excellent variety of equipment for our patrons. There are many features and the pieces are very easy to use — perfect for the mix of novice to more experienced students that utilize our facility.

CR: What are the benefits to your students as a result of this partnership?

AS: Our students have access to state-of-the-art equipment and consequently have a recreation center they take great pride in.

CR: Have you been pleasantly surprised by working with Precor in any way?

AS: I was surprised at how well the Precor equipment held up to a large amount of use. I was also pleasantly surprised by the service we received both prior to installation and after. Precor stands by their products and offers great service and expertise.

CR: What else can you tell other rec center professionals about the benefits of working with Precor?

AS: We had an excellent experience working with Precor and Advantage Sport and Fitness. The expertise we encountered and the quality of the equipment is undeniable. With Precor’s help, we were able to create a quality experience with the perfect blend of technology and equipment to meet the needs and interests of our students.

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