Precor Launches the SpinnerChrono Power Bike

SpinnerChrono Power

Precor takes power measurement to a new level with the launch of the SpinnerChrono Power bike. The latest introduction to the Spinner family distances itself from the pack of indoor cycles that measure power by offering a hassle-free experience for operators, instructors and riders alike, all while staying true to the iconic feel of a Spinner bike.  

Precor developed the SpinnerChrono in response to the demand from Spin enthusiasts for high accuracy power measurement. It was also designed specifically for operators looking for the pinnacle of reliability, feel and rider experience. After three years in development and testing, the aim was to bring to market a bike with premium features that exceeds expectations in all areas of Spinning.   

With the Spinner Chrono Power, operators benefit from a breakthrough design that eliminates the need to ever supply or replace batteries  in either the console or power sensor, providing a self-powered reliable bike.  The Spinner Chrono Power also uses a self-powered generator to store energy and supply current to the console to power the back light and give riders three minutes after they’ve stopped pedaling to review their performance and download data onto a smart phone.  

The direct-wired design of the power sensor not only eradicates the need for service calls to re-calibrate but also the need to wirelessly reconnect sensor and consoles. This will ensure a consistently performing console and a premium experience for riders from the start of a class to its finish. 

The unique design of the Spinner Chrono Power features a power sensor bonded directly onto the resistance system to measure actual wattage, providing riders with high accuracy versus an inferred measurement and durability without using batteries.  

An all new color backlit console supports SpinPOWER  programming and is also network capable using Bluetooth and ANT+.  It features an easy-t0-use interface showing watts, cadence, heart rate, time, distance and 10 different interval settings.  The console also has an Active Status Light that alerts staff to when the bike needs attention, making it easier to maintain and decreasing product downtime. 

The aluminum-framed bike also includes a patent-pending magnetic resistance system designed to more evenly apply resistance as the rider adjusts the resistance knobs.  This will prevent abrupt jumps in resistance from one turn of the knob to the next – a common issue with indoor cycles without this feature. 

Precor saw a need to improve the ownership experience for operators and service technicians while delivering a console, power measurement and ride experience unmatched in the market. Paired with world-class Spinning programming from Mad Dogg Athletics, the Spinner Chrono redefines the Indoor Cycling category. 

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