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Earth Networks

Earth Networks operates the world’s largest weather networks, with more than 10,000 neighborhood-level weather and over 1,500 lightening sensors installed at schools, public venues and businesses. With a meteorological services team that is available 24/7, customers have access to customized real-time weather consulting in critical situations. Earth Networks combines the world’s most advanced system of algorithms to make it possible for decision makers to anticipate severe weather, heat waves, cold blasts and flooding that has the potential to disrupt your operations. Its web-based monitoring and altering platform shows you current weather condition in one intuitive and easy to use interface — on your computer or mobile device.

Bob Golson, the associate director for facilities and operations at James Madison University, shares insight about working with Earth Networks.  

How were you introduced to Earth Networks and why did you decide to partner with them?

BG: We put out a Request for Proposal for a university wide weather system. Based on some of the factors, we chose Earth Networks as opposed to a couple of other companies that were a part of the process. Customer service was a big thing. When we met with them during the process of the RFP, we seemed to get a better sense of what they could provide.

What are some of the benefits you have seen since you partnered with them?

BG: No 1. is I get a daily email from them in regards to what the weather is supposed to be for that day. That helps with planning programs and services. If there is a change to the weather, we get a real-time update that comes out through an email. So that has been very helpful for us in terms of planning any outdoor activities. We also have the ability to call to get a two-day forecast from a meteorologist, speak to that person and ask them what they are seeing which may affect any major university wide events or recreation events. That way we may adjust the start time or end time based on that feedback.

Have you been pleasantly surprised by working with the company in any way so far?

BG: They have delivered on what they said they were going to. When we did have an issue with the emails, they discovered what the problem was and fixed it no time. They have been very responsive customer service wise.

What would you tell other recreation professional about the benefits of working with Earth Networks? Would you recommend them?

BG: I would. I think knowing what is actually happening rather than using a system that is predicting what may happen has been the biggest benefit for us.

Emily Harbourne was a previous editor for Campus Rec Magazine.

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