Is Your Rec Center Struggling for Clean Floor Space?

floor space

It’s the balancing act every rec center director must perform. Ensuring the right amount of floor space with equipment to deliver ideal training experiences. In fact, with overhead cost per square foot fixed, freeing up as much training space as possible is vital. What’s the key to meeting this challenge? Equipment storage. While great storage does indeed maximize floor space, it also provides additional benefits that make it well worth the investment.

Consider storage is essential for safety. Gyms aren’t fundamentally dangerous places, yet safety must be taken seriously. Not only should there be a safe place away from the gym floor for every piece of equipment, but also regular communication with members about the need to store equipment post-workout.

Here are four essential types of storage per training area to think about:

Functional Equipment Racks

Keeping equipment racked and ready is necessary in any functional training area, where getting equipment out and back in storage again quickly matters. Flexible shelving solutions in this environment are ideal because tools come in all shapes and sizes, from big inflated gym balls to small, weighted bags and more. Things like height-adjustable shelves that accommodate a center’s unique equipment range work well. Or opt for ready-to-go, performance-focused solutions with storage and training tools in one.

Racks and Shelves Built into Training Frames

Another way to go is with storage built into the training frame. On-frame shelving can bring to life fantastic workouts and programs that blend work on and off the frame. Trainers appreciate such installations because they get groups going on circuits with maximum variety. Moving from a 30-second blast with a rope pulley to a few reps of Bulgarian bag swings, and on to the next station, makes for a great workout.

Storage Boxes

Sometimes racking alone doesn’t help with those smaller items always left lying around. Resistance tubes, boxing gloves and foam rollers are frequently scattered about. The answer? Large-capacity, strong, portable boxes. Must-have features include sturdy handles and wheels, space dividers and ventilation to dry equipment between workouts.

Free-Weight Storage

Free-weight areas need excellent storage because these can be among the most-used areas in a center. So racks that have exactly the right configuration and capacity for a range of freeweights are a must. There are even options to accommodate dumbbells and kettlebells, along with medballs and other items. And, the best solutions include angled shelves for quick access to weights.

It’s easy for well-designed storage to be an afterthought when reinvigorating a rec center. But it shouldn’t be, because the right solutions maximize results, improve safety and positively add to overall user experience. These are wins that benefit all.


Matthew Januszek is the co-founder of Escape Fitness. Matthew also hosts the Escape Your Limits podcast, delivering insights from the fitness industry. For more information, visit, call 614.706.4462 or email

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