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safe pool water

This spring, media reports about a chlorine “shortage” have created concern among pool owners about their ability to properly maintain safe pool water and operate their pools. 

According to these reports, some chlorine tablets (tabs) — due to a combination of events that include a surge in demand for pools in 2020 and a chemical plant fire — are scarcer than in previous years. However, we are not aware of any substantial disruptions in the supply of chlorine in liquid, powder and other tablet forms.

EXTRA CREDIT: Ensuring safe pool water isn’t the only way to mitigate risk in your pool. Making sure your pool operators are certified is also key.

In the event of the scarcity of certain products, service professionals and pool owners should consider using other EPA-registered pool sanitizers such as liquid chlorine, calcium hypochlorite or dichlor. Make sure to keep these products in their original container and store them as indicated on the label.

Other strategies to assist in maintaining safe pool water include:

  • Don’t use your pool as a bathtub. Encourage patrons to shower before swimming.
  • Shock the pool only when the combined chlorine levels are above 0.4 ppm. Use either liquid chlorine, calcium hypochlorite or a monopersulfate product to shock the pool.
  • Run the pool filter daily.
  • Test the water frequently and keep the water balanced.
  • Install a UV or ozone system. Please note, a small amount of chlorine is still needed.
  • Convert to a salt pool.
  • Install a mineral system.

Other companies may offer additional alternatives that help you maintain safe pool water, so please be sure to discuss your options with your pool service company or vendor. 

By the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA). PHTA is the industry’s leading source of information for pool operations, maintenance, design and construction. For more information, please visit 

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