Secure Entrance Control and More With RFID Wristbands

RFID Special events play a key role for colleges, and universities trying to raise money for funding and other curricular activities. MedTech Wristbands provides innovative event solutions which aid in security, admission and promotional advertising through customized products for such events.

 One of MedTech’s most high-tech products is RFID technology, which is a solution used by MedTech to help large events streamline their operational costs and engage their guest’s experience while making queue lines quicker and enhancing security to stop unwanted counterfeits.

These Radio Frequency Identifiers can be added to many of our products including; Adhesive wristbands, Silicone wristbands, Fabric wristbands, Key Cards, Lanyard Inserts, Tickets, and more. By adding RFID you are able to customize and change the data stored on the RFID chip including; gate and locker access, cashless purchasing, linking to web and social media sites, and many other functions simultaneously.

MedTech Wristbands is the world leader in the manufacturing and marketing of innovative event solutions that support security, anti-counterfeit, medical, recreational, and special event wristbands. MedTech’s products are available in a variety of materials, customized patterns, and highly visible colors that support emerging technologies like RFID, GPS, Cashless, full color and variable data. Designed for virtually any situation and environment, MedTech Wristbands can be used for single & multi-day purposes including wet or dry environments, and the rugged outdoors.

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Specifications / Special Features:

         Entrance verification security & crowd control.

         Customize to allow access to open specific gates, doors, & lockers.

         Ability to add cashless spending for guests to make purchases at your event.

         Manage different purchasing packages.

         Link to websites and social media sites with ease.

         Track your guest’s activities and spending.

         We can supply a technician to help set-up the systems required to use RFID.

Emily Harbourne was a previous editor for Campus Rec Magazine.

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