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Outdoor access control plays an important role in the security of schools and campuses. You need to have control over who comes in and who leaves. Signing in and signing out is something required for guests. Many, if not most, schools have outdoor spaces as outside activity is encouraged. The question for security is how do you secure the perimeter, i.e. lock the gate and only allow certain people to get through?

Here’s What You are Looking For:

You want a panic bar on the inside – the push side of the gate – that is always latched. Pushing the pad down lets people get out. On the pull side, the gate is locked. The only people who need to get through the gate are authorized personnel. This way staff can come and go easily. Guests will be signing in at the front desk.

Staff members present a card and it will let them in. Card readers work well outside as well as inside. If you lose power, the gate is still secure from the pull side. This is code compliant.

Outdoor locking access control that temporarily unlocks. It’s motor-driven and pulls the latch back. It’s quiet, too. But again, the critical factor is when you lose power, the locking device keeps working.

Monitor How Long the Gate is Open

Another solution very useful for outdoor applications are systems that monitor how long the gate is open. You can have a product that allows you to enter and exit through the gate with no alarm as long as it relocks when it’s closed. You can employ a door prop alarm, which starts a timer whenever the door is opened. Once some predetermined period of time has passed — 15 seconds, 20 seconds or whatever has been designated — an alarm or signal is sent to a person or camera. This ensures the gate works as it should.

There are solutions designed that when someone uses the gate, a camera is turned on. This helps you keep track of traffic moving through the gate.

Good in any Climate

As with any outdoor environment, you want to have security hardware that will stand up to the elements: extreme cold, extreme heat, the salt of the ocean air and the sands of the desert climates. For most, if not all, of these access control solutions, you can find products that have been tested for these harsh conditions. Performance is non-negotiable from a security standpoint, so you can’t afford to have it break down due to weather conditions. You don’t want to incur the expense of replacing your gate security hardware year after year.

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