Seven Ways to Increase the Quality of Your Staff

Smart Fitness

“Knowledge is power” is not a new concept. If your staff is knowledgeable, they will be more likely to deliver quality service and recruit more business. But how do you get people to be “professional,” “polite,” “efficient” or “attentive” when these are concepts and widely open to interpretation? Currently most facilities have a new employee shadow a manager or an experienced team member. This onboarding process is time consuming and as you know, “Time is money!” Times have changed and most people, especially millennials learn visually; often via their phone. What if you could provide most of this educational content to a potential recruit, coach, student or an existing employee online before, or once they get hired and also monitor them in all of your locations from your computer or phone?

Smart Fitness is the company who pioneered this service for health clubs.

Smart Fitness provides: Sales training, Continuing Education or CEU’s, CPR, Safety Training/OSHA, Sexual Harassment, Equipment Training, Quarterly launches (new programs to help you market PT in your clubs), Member Experience, Front Line Training, Certifications for:

  • Personal Training
  • Group Exercise
  • Yoga
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Powerlifting
  • Kickboxing
  • Senior Fitness
  • Youth Fitness
  • Weight Management

For example, many members or students are not personal training clients. Quarterly launches introduce new programs for your trainers to learn and promote along with marketing materials to help increase awareness to the PT department. Suspension training, HIIT training and Small Group Training are some of our past quarterly launches. Downloadable marketing materials are also provided to promote these programs in the club.

Here are seven ways to use this incredible tool:

  1. Create a career path or curriculum for each position in your gym. A front desk person will see different courses in their dashboard then a manager or a personal trainer.
  2. Upload your mission statement, employee handbook, policies and procedures, labor laws, new-hire packet, check in and check out requirements, cancellation policies, etc.
  3. See or meet someone in the club or outside the club that might have the desire to be a personal trainer, group instructor, etc. and doesn’t have the money? No problem! Recruit them and certify them. Most clubs can find trainers right in their own clubs but most often they don’t have the money to get certified.
  4. Do you have a Group X Instructor with packed classes? Certify them as a trainer to work with their followers, one on one.
  5. Have a trainer that can’t sell. Have them go through the sales course and/or certify them as a Group X, Yoga and/or Indoor Cycling instructor etc., to attract more clientele
  6. A Front Desk person wants to make more money? Have them learn how to sell or get certified.
  7. Create a position on the portal for members to get the most out of your club’s “experience.” Provide them videos on how to get the most out of your gym; what to wear, what to bring, gym etiquette, etc.

This incredible tool with help you keep your entire staff on the same page! Be Smart. Get Smart Fitness!


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