Six Things That Damage Your Maple Gym Floor


The Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA) is the authoritative source of technical and general information about maple flooring and related sports flooring systems. MFMA’s membership consists of manufacturers, installation contractors, distributors and allied product manufacturers who subscribe to established quality guidelines. Through cooperative member programs, MFMA establishes product quality, performance and installation guidelines; educates end users about safety, performance and maintenance issues; and promotes the use of maple, beech and birch flooring products worldwide.

Six Things That Damage Your Maple Gym Floor

  1. Using tape to mark temporary lines on the maple floor can peel layers off finish. Removing the surface finish and exposing the maple can result in chipping and peeling.
  2. Not monitoring temperature and humidity. We recommend maintaining indoor relative humidity between 35% – 50%, and air temperatures between 55°-75° year-round. Excessive shrinkage and/or expansion may occur with relative humidity variations in excess of 15%.
  3. Dirty wheels on carts and gym equipment. Keep wheels on carts and gym equipment clean. Dirty wheels can mark the finish and debris can damage the wood flooring.
  4. Using water to clean your floor. The use of water (or a power scrubber) may lead to damage. Effects to floors includes splintering, shrinkage and expansion, splitting and cupping. Possible effects to the finish and paint include chipping and peeling of paint and finish and a dull appearance.
  5. Not protecting floor from heavy loads. Excessive loading from the use of lifts can lead to surface degradation and weaken structural components leading to system failure. Use multi-layer protection with any size lift to protect the floor and quality of the finish.
  6. Proper weatherproofing on exterior doors. Seals on exterior doors should be sufficient to prevent moisture from entering and sunlight should not be visible when the doors are closed.


Daniel Heney is the Executive Director of the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association. He can be reached at or visit for additional information.

Emily Harbourne was a previous editor for Campus Rec Magazine.

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