Smart Fitness: A Total Education Solution

Smart Fitness

Smart Fitness provides a total education solution for all the positions in your health club or campus gym. Smart Fitness provides the owner, manager or department head with the ability to recruit, educate, certify and monitor their staff. Smart Fitness also greatly decreases time and cost of onboarding a new coach, trainer or employee, while providing a consistent foundation of knowledge, keeping everyone in the facility on the same page.

Nick Gaspard, the owner of Anytime Fitness-Las Vegas, discusses his experience working with Smart Fitness.

How were you introduced to Smart Fitness and why did you decide to partner with them?

NG: We certify our own personal trainers and we have an internship program, so it made a lot of sense for us to partner with them because with Smart Fitness we can certify the trainers through their program. We probably don’t use all of the capabilities, but it is a total package for health clubs. There is front desk training, sales training, HR training, customer service and then there are various certifications.

What are the benefits of working with Smart Fitness?

NG: The benefits have been a one stop shopping experience. We hire employees, they have a log-in and they can start getting familiar with our policies, procedures, operations manuals, and then they are go through various trainings. So if they work at the front desk, they can go through the front desk trainings. If they are a trainer, then they can pick the personal training side of it and they can pick different workshops or topics. Then if they are in sales, there is a sales program, classes and trainings. It has really simplified our operations.

What else can you tell fitness professionals about working with Smart Fitness?

NG: It is a no brainer because it is such a low cost for what you are getting. If you are just certifying personal trainers it is a deal. It is such a low cost and then will even customize the program for you. I am not the most tech savvy but there are so many capabilities that we are not even using yet. They are always adding programs and they are always adding different classes and courses. It has been a good decision for us. I am a no frills guy, I don’t like paying for extra things here and there, but it is a no brainer.

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Emily Harbourne was a previous editor for Campus Rec Magazine.

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