Specified Air Solutions: A Customer-Focused HVAC Solution


Specified Air Solutions’s HVAC brands provide energy efficiency and comfort for educational buildings. These brands include SAS Dectron Company, Addison and Roberts-Gordon LLC.

Charley Brown, the president and CEO of Specified Air Solutions, recently discussed the company’s mission to design, produce and deliver semi-custom HVAC solutions that ensure an awesome customer experience.

1) How did you get your start in the industry? 

I came to Specified Air Solutions as CEO three years ago following 20 years of similar roles in a variety of building products and capital equipment companies. I have consistently driven technical innovation that delivers real market needs across many different types of products. I continue to pursue this winning formula at Specified Air Solutions.

2) What are the keys to your company’s success? 

The key to our success lies in our mission: to design, produce and deliver semi-custom HVAC solutions that ensure an awesome customer experience.

We implement best practices in product development and innovation across all our brands. Our products include dedicated outside air, gas fired make up air, low intensity radiant heating and pool dehumidification. Our industry leading brands include Dectron, Addison, Roberts-Gordon, Rapid Engineering, Weather-Rite LLC, PoolPak and Bananza.

Ensuring an awesome customer experience is paramount to our organization. We’ve invested significantly in research and development, capital equipment, information systems and human resources to best serve our valued customers. Our strategic plan is based on meeting customers’ needs for energy efficient HVAC products.

3) How does your company differentiate from competitors in the industry? 

At Specified Air Solutions, our focus is on innovation and patent pending technologies that significantly reduce energy usage while providing optimal ventilation and comfort.

Dectron’s LEEDeR® indoor pool dehumidification unit delivers an efficient, safe, reliable, low maintenance and cost-effective solution. LEEDeR® units eliminate temperature fluctuations in the air and pool water. Less temperature swings mean greater efficiency and lower operating costs. These units contribute anywhere from 6 to 13 LEED points, which can be applied toward achieving Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating systems.

Addison’s semi-custom packaged rooftop DOAS unit, the PR-Series, helps improve indoor air quality and energy efficiency. Available in three to 70 tons, the PR-Series offers design flexibility with a wide selection of factory options, as well as the ability to accept custom options for specific job requirements.

Roberts-Gordon recently unveiled the highest efficient infrared heating system in the industry with the introduction of their new high efficient reflectors. CORAYVAC® infrared heaters, combined with high efficiency reflectors, achieve an Infrared Factor (IF) of 15 – the highest in the infrared heating market today.

4) What is your vision for your company’s future? 

The vision for Specified Air Solutions is to continue designing, producing and delivering semi-custom HVAC innovations that provide the highest energy efficiency and comfort. Our LEEDeR® indoor pool dehumidification unit, the PR semi-custom packaged rooftop DOAS unit and CORAYVAC® infrared heaters with high efficiency reflectors demonstrate our commitment to exceeding customers’ needs for high performance equipment.

For more information visit specifiedair.com, email cbrown@specifiedair.com or call 716.551.7972. 

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  1. RoseGlenn

    June 12, 2017 at 2:17 pm

    We would like to learn more about what you have to offer. We’re opening up a non profit veterans retreat center in north Tonawanda

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