Spectrum Industries Takes ODU Esports to the Next Level

Spectrum Industries

Old Dominion University (ODU) was building out its esports space and needed help.

Grant Deppen, the assistant director of Intramural Sports and Esports at ODU, said they needed a variety of customized solutions.

“Esports is a unique space where customization is hard to find, especially considering the unique challenges we can face in higher education with contracts, resource allocation, etc.,” said Deppen. “We needed quality desks for our arena PC’s that fit our branding. We also wanted a customized broadcast desk for our streams.”

As such, ODU partnered with Spectrum Industries, Inc. and Deppen shares more about the partnership below:

Campus Rec Magazine: Why did you decide to partner with Spectrum?  

Grant Deppen: Ultimately, we went with Spectrum for a number of important reasons. They were able to meet our needs of customization for our esports arena desks and broadcast desk. ODU has a unique color palette that Spectrum was able to perfectly recreate and apply throughout their products. Along those same lines, Spectrum offers custom branding components that take the look and feel of the desks — and our entire arena — to the next level.

We were also looking for durability and sturdy construction. We wanted a long-lasting product that is stable enough to hold our expensive gaming equipment. Additionally, we wanted a product that could meet the needs of users that may have mobility issues or need a wheelchair.

CRM: What are the benefits to your campus rec department as a result of this partnership?  

GD: We were able to build out the perfect esports arena for our department and university. Our arena can be utilized by our varsity teams, student users, special groups, broadcasters and more because of the quality pieces that Spectrum makes. It also looks the part.

CRM: What are the benefits to your esports program as a result of this partnership?

GD: We’re able to consistently operate because the desks are reliable and easy to use.


CRM: Have you been pleasantly surprised by working with Spectrum in any way? 

GD: The level of service we’ve received from Spectrum has been extraordinary. They weren’t simply a vendor; they were actively engaged in making the products to meet our needs. They have shown a commitment to creating quality products for the esports ecosystem which gives them a good understanding of the specific wants within that environment. Also, they were flexible in situations and willing to adapt to serve us better. Mark Dotson, our sales rep, even came to campus for our grand opening event to see how everything looked in-person.

CRM: What else can you tell other campus rec professionals about the benefits of working with Spectrum?  

GD: It was by far the easiest part of our arena construction.

Heather Hartmann is the editor for Campus Rec Magazine. She can be reached at heather@peakemedia.com.

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