Star Trac FreeRunner™a New Innovation in Cardio

Star Trac FreeRunner

Star Trac, the No.1 brand for cardio enthusiasts, brings innovation back to the treadmill category with the most ingenious addition of the new millennium: the Star Trac FreeRunner™.

The FreeRunner’s patent-pending HexDeck System offers unprecedented responsiveness with an initial cushion and flex when the foot strikes, reacting immediately to impact. University-based research study participants described the feeling as “very easy on the legs, with low impact on the feet,” “buttery” and “like less work than a standard treadmill.” For gym members that love to run, there is no better outdoor training substitute than the FreeRunner.

Facility owners can expect reduced maintenance requirements from this new treadmill. FreeRunner’s aluminum deck dissipates heat and keeps the belt surface cooler than a traditional treadmill, reducing wear and tear and extending belt life. The aluminum panel lasts far longer than the standard MDF deck beneath virtually all treadmill belts in the market today.

The Star Trac FreeRunner features a new series of consoles: 19 inch and 15 inch versions leverage Star Trac’s OpenHub technology platform, bringing a best-in-class member experience with digital solutions that allow for club customization, member customization, and public app and programming integration, all in a beautiful, high definition, touch screen application.

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