Streaming: The Benefits of Watching From Home


If you have tried to watch a movie, catch up on the latest show or even listen to music recently you’ve probably come to realize that everything is moving toward a streaming platform. Even sporting organizations are jumping on this trend.

Streaming is relatively easy to set up, instant and can be used anywhere as long as there is the internet. It allows anyone around the world to view your media. In some cases, it even allows for real-time feedback and commentary. We are now starting to see that it is becoming easier and easier to utilize streaming technology no matter your technological expertise. This creates more opportunities for media consumption.

The Changing Technology

Companies like Facebook and Youtube are adapting their platforms to make it incredibly simple to livestream events and even save them once the stream has ended. With the right software and knowledge, graphics, animations and even videos can be incorporated into a stream to enhance the viewing experience.

Companies have developed software specifically for local sporting events. Other companies have adapted and adjusted their previously existing software, such as timing systems, to work with other software or platforms. It can be used for all sporting events and other community events like announcements and meetings.

Streaming Revenue Opportunities

Thanks to streaming technology, there are unique advertising opportunities that can be used to generate some additional revenue. It makes it that much easier to get back some of the revenue that was lost while live sporting events were postponed or canceled. During breaks or pre/post games are great moments to run commercials or a slideshow of advertisements for local businesses. Scrolling messages or graphics can be shown throughout the video. The only limits are your own imagination.

It’s a technology that will continue to be useful even after spectators are allowed to be present during events, thanks to the ability for anyone around the world to view your event. Now family members and friends can view any event, even if they’re on the other side of the country. One of the main concerns for livestreaming events is the potential loss of ticket sales. In order to combat that, some organizations have made it so viewers have to pay to view the stream.

If you haven’t begun to do so already, incorporating a streaming system could be an incredibly beneficial addition to your organization.

Nolan Radloff is the marketing director for International Sports Timing. He can be reached at

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