Study Shows TrueForm Runner Treadmill Improves Running Gait


TrueForm Runner is excited to share a recent research article published in Sports MDPI, showing the TrueForm Runner, non-motorized treadmill, dramatically improves running form, specifically with respect to imbalance and stride angle, and stride and step length. Beneficial changes in these running elements is shown to dramatically improve run form by reducing impact peaks, increasing efficiency, and reduce risk of injury.

The Department of Exercise at the University of South Carolina Aiken led by Andrew Hatchett, challenged the assumption that running on the TrueForm Runner Improves gait with a recently published study “The Effect of a Curved Non-Motorized Treadmill on Running Gait Length, Imbalance and Stride Angle.” The study determined if running on the curved non-motorized treadmill, the TrueForm Runner, influencesrunning gait and if the changes then carry over to running on a traditional motorized treadmill.

Healthy college-aged participants volunteered to have their gait analyzed by Optogait analysis equipment. After a warm-up, each subject completed five 4-min bouts of running, alternating between the traditional motorized flat surface treadmill and the TrueForm Runner. Variables measured on each round of the motorized treadmill included step length, stride length, imbalance and stride angle.

The study revealed that running on a TrueForm Runner,which has the least steep incline and most subtle curve of all non-motorized treadmills,resulted in significant changes in all aspects of the gait characteristics measured. These findings suggest that running on the TrueForm Runner can positively influence running gait, encouraging the user to run with a more mechanically efficient gait. The study also found certain aspects of a runner’s gait, such as foot strike pattern, stride length, stride angle and imbalance, may be quickly retrained without advanced costly laboratory equipment or thousands of repetitions and drills. 

When asked about the study Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, Professor at West Virginia University School of Medicine as well as running educator for the US Air Force, said “In our community, at our running conferences, and in the military we have witnessed the significant impact the TrueForm Runner has on running gait and training. On the TrueForm it’s impossible to run smoothly and comfortably unless you have good balance, posture, rhythm, glute function, and hip extension. It helps you learn by the immediate feedback. This study provides further evidence beyond my 5 years of observation that the TrueForm Runner is the most dynamic tool to impact the running community.” 

See the study here:

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