SUNY New Paltz Partners with upace


Upace is the first customizable, two-sided mobile platform that offers real-time data and student interactions that boost usage, retention and operational efficiency. Recreation center managers can remotely and instantly access analytics, communicate directly with students, and update the app within minutes. Via the app, students can view center occupancy, reserve equipment, and sign up for classes. Upace is “Fitness Meets Convenience” for facility managers and students alike.

Keith Kenney, the Director of Wellness and Recreation at SUNY New Paltz, shares insight on his department’s experience woking with the company.

How did you discover upace and why did you decide to partner with them?

KK: I think I first saw an advertisement in your publication and it struck my eye. We were in the market for an app like this. We had a couple specific things we needed a software to do that we had been doing manually. My Intramural Director and I both went through the upace demo. I started to research other companies and couldn’t find anything that really was exactly what we needed. Upace checked all the boxes. Speaking with Rachel Koretsky, the founder, about how much she was going to help us with the process, it really sealed the deal.

What do you use the app for within the facility?

KK: The two main things we wanted it for were tracking student use of our facilities digitally instead of manually and group exercise sign-ups. At the price that was being offered, it was very affordable. The fact that you can actually see how busy the facility is at any time is a bonus. We are able to send out notifications to people about building closures, inclement weather, special events, etc. It also provides a really easy way for our students to sign up for group exercise classes and for us to keep track of yield percentages and cancellations. Plus, it lists our building hours, upcoming schedules and more. All it really took to get set up was a conversation with Rachel and her team about what we do, and an agreement to work together to tailor the platform to that. I like that the app is young and new.

Where you pleasantly surprised by working with upace in any way?

KK: When you have a problem at 6pm at night, the upace team gets right back to you. Just the speed of the team and how quickly they fix little issues I have or things that I want to change. Their customer service and speed of troubleshooting is really impressive.

What else can you tell recreation professionals about the benefits of working with upace?

KK: The ease of use from the user’s end and from an administration end is exceptional. It ultimately came down to: Is this worth it? And it absolutely was. From my standpoint, the ease of use has been as advertised. A lot of times these things can be overwhelming. We are a small-to-medium department. We don’t have a lot of personnel or someone that can be dedicated to this. Upace was the scope and size that we needed. The ease of the launch, ease of transition; it is very quick, simple and easy for students and administrators to use.

Watch this quick video of Kenney sharing his experience working with upace. 

Emily Harbourne was a previous editor for Campus Rec Magazine.

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