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Flooring is the biggest piece of equipment in any gym.

For that reason, Alan Quinn, the owner of Rubber Floors and More PowerFit Equipment, said flooring should not be overlooked. “Many times, we have customers call, telling us their equipment is on the way and they need to have flooring before the machines go in,” he said. “Plan ahead. Know what type of flooring works best for your application.”

Matt Riggs, the business director at Sporturf, echoed Quinn on the importance of flooring.

“Whether you are doing layups on a hardwood court, doing power cleans from a lifting platform, or pushing a weighted sled down a strip of non-infill synthetic turf, the athlete’s interaction with the flooring surface is incredibly important and different for each activity,” said Riggs.

While you might know what type of flooring you want, there’s a lot to think about in terms of installation, maintenance and common challenges.


Riggs said when dealing with padded non-infill synthetic turf, you want a smooth concrete surface — with few imperfections like cracks or elevation changes — in which to glue the product to. “Also, if the existing concrete floor had been sealed and has a shiny smooth appearance, the turf contractor will likely need to ‘scuff’ the sealer off so the adhesive has a nice surface to adhere to,” he said.

Moisture is another issue to look out for upon installation. Quinn said you need to test the sub floor as it will help prevent problems down the road. In terms of rubber flooring, he said it is best to dry lay your flooring first. This allows it to relax so when you come back 24 hours later to cut it, it has acclimated to the room temperature.


On top of keeping the floor clean and clear of trash and debris daily, Riggs said you can give flooring like turf a deeper cleaning with vacuums, blowers, deodorizers and disinfectants. Quinn noted taking the advice from the floor manufacturer on what cleaning products they recommend is a great step, as well as reading all of the instructions before beginning to clean. “One piece of advice I give to all our customers is to use a product line like Clean Break that disinfects and deodorizes,” said Quinn.

Common Challenges

Quinn stated all of the choices out there for flooring can be quite overwhelming, especially if you’re not educated. So, even if you just want to shop by cost, talking to the right people can help you make the correct decision. “My suggestion is to talk to the flooring experts and explain what you are looking for,” he said. “They can best advise and help with budgeting.”

Flooring and surfaces are an ever-changing part of the industry — there’s always more to learn about keeping your surfaces in tip-top shape.

As Quinn and Riggs pointed out, never be afraid to ask the experts on what type of flooring to purchase, or about installation, maintenance and common challenges.

Heather Hartmann
Heather Hartmann is the editor for Campus Rec Magazine. She can be reached at

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