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Word of mouth is a powerful thing.

The way your students talk about your rec center and its equipment is essential to getting more students and possibly even community members through your doors. Having a reliable and quality equipment plays a large piece in the picture painted of your rec center.

Over at Wake Forest University, Joe Cassidy, the executive director of campus fitness and recreation, shared how Technogym’s equipment is making a splash in the word-of-mouth department with the university’s students and community. “Our students and employees love using the equipment, so they’re talking it up with their peers. This word-of-mouth promotion has contributed to a dramatic increase the campus community members utilizing our facilities,” said Cassidy.

Below, Cassidy and DeDe Cox, the fitness coordinator at Wake Forest University, share the experience they’ve had partnering with Technogym and utilizing the company’s fitness equipment:

CR: How did you discover Technogym?  

JC: I knew of Technogym by their reputation, and I came to learn more about their organization and products by meeting with them at Athletic Business and through our equipment procurement bid process.

DC: I have known of them for years. I reached out to an area rep along with every other major vendor and group of representatives for multi equipment sales during my first year of employment. I held over twenty two-hour meetings with each to discover what each offered, receive materials for review, etc. I then developed a list of follow up questions and connected with various vendors to inquire more details. They stood out from the onset.

CR: What do you like about partnering with Technogym?   

JC: We were extremely impressed with the quality of the product, service and warranty. We knew our fitness equipment was going to be heavily utilized, and it is, so it was critical to partner with a company that provided an incredibly durable product combined with exceptional service. In the long term, we view our investment in Technogym equipment as a good value.

DC: They have superior professionalism and superior product. They are a one stop shop, and they do not work with second or third parties but are a company that is product, service, maintenance, software and everything else. Plus, the whole experience is excellent as a user or manager. The equipment truly is ‘the BEST’ equipment I have ever personally used.

What pieces of equipment do you use and why? 

JC: Personally, I’ve used most of the equipment Technogym has supplied our campus. The cardio equipment’s integrated technology has been particularly popular with our cardio equipment users.

DC: Cardio. Plate loaded. Selectorized. Two stretch and Kinesis pieces as well. Seeing first hand how hard our users utilize equipment, I knew this was the company that had the quality to support that kind of use. Second, their service/maintenance component was huge and knowing the software program for maintenance usage was big. They provide assistance that supports repairs as they arise with high result/return as a company standard for quick repair. Third, their years of experience with developed and evolving software versus newly created software is key. They are invested in all aspects of owner/user experience.

CR: Was there anything that pleasantly surprised you about working with Technogym? 

JC: While the equipment was installed less than a year ago, it appears the quality of the product wasn’t sales hype. The positive feedback we are receiving from our users matches up, not only with what the Technogym staff promised, but also with what colleagues who have Technogym equipment told us to expect.

DC: Again, the professionalism and authentic relationship stands apart from the rest and continues beyond the sale.


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