The Impact of Power Systems at Arizona State

Power Systems

Nick Deponte, the program coordinator of fitness and sports programs at Arizona State University (ASU), shares how they came to partner with Power Systems:

CR: How did you discover Power Systems?

ND: I discovered them through their website and have been using them for fitness supplies for the last five years.

CR: Why did you decide to partner with them?

ND: Through our purchasing I realized we were ordering a majority of our fitness equipment through them and decided it would be beneficial to establish a campus partnership with them.

CR: What do you like about partnering with Power Systems?

ND: Power Systems provides both quality and innovative equipment at a competitive price. Through the partnership, the prices are discounted even more. In addition, ordering equipment is fast and easy.

CR: How does this partnership benefit your rec center?

ND: This partnership allows for us to stretch our budget further in order to replace worn equipment and offer new and innovative items to our students. ASU strives to remain the most innovative school in the nation.

CR: Was there anything that pleasantly surprised you about working with Power Systems?

ND: The timeliness of placing and receiving an order has been a pleasant surprise. We are able to send an order to our reps and often receive the equipment within a week.

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