The New Octane Fitness Max Trainer®

Octane Fitness Max Trainer®

The new Octane Fitness Max Trainer® is a premium total-body machine that is ideal for functional training, small group sessions and circuit workouts; able to accommodate all fitness levels; and requires no adjustments.  

It features the breakthrough Max Interval HIIT workout that delivers benefits in just 14 minutes. With eight cycles of 25 seconds of high-intensity effort, followed by 80 seconds of lower-intensity recovery, the Max Interval workout was designed to boost stamina, burn calories and fat, and elevate metabolism.  

This is HIIT at its best, with instant resistance in response to an exerciser’s efforts, and no significant ramp-up time where heart rates can drop and intensity decreases. Plus, this 14-minute HIIT routine can foster an “afterburn effect” that results in additional calories burned hours after the exercise session.  

All about efficiency, the intuitive Max Trainer machine enables exercises to get on and get started immediately, offering 10 levels of progressive resistance via the high-velocity fan and magnetic brake. Dual hand grips engage the upper body to yield more muscle work, and the addictive calorie meter is a powerful motivator to maintain strong effort in order to bury the needle and maximize results.  

The machine is equipped with an intuitive console that provides feedback on time, floors climbed, pace and total calories. 

Programs include Manual, Interval and Max Circuit, for small group workouts. In Max Circuit, the console individually calculates time and intensity for each user, automatically resetting to zero between exercisers. Also featured on the Max Trainer is Octane’s exclusive CROSS CiRCUIT® program that combines cardio intervals with strength training exercises for efficient, effective, varied training.  

A new way to inspire exercisers to achieve greater fitness, this cordless, compact machine fits anywhere in a fitness facility, taking up less space than treadmills, ellipticals and steppers. Built with Octane’s trademark durability, it delivers exceptional performance and withstands ongoing beatings in busy recreation centers.

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