Three Ways to Transform Your Attitude


Albert Einstein once said, “Weakness of attitude becomes a weakness of character.”

This quote provides significant context for me in my personal and professional life. It is a great reminder to keep a strong attitude in each aspect of life. I define having a strong attitude as one that is positive and open. I find that keeping a positive attitude and open mindset helps when approaching life and its many stages. Additionally, maintaining a positive attitude has a direct reflection on your overall character. Therefore, I have found the importance in transforming and keeping a strong attitude. Here are three ways to transform your attitude:

Develop New Habits

We often associate the start of a new year with making resolutions. When make resolutions for the new year, they become difficult to maintain. As a result, I have not found much success in making goals or starting new habits at the turn of a new year. I have found it to be pressurizing and counter-productive to attempt to fulfill a new habit or goal during a specific time frame.

For me, starting now is a productive way to develop new and positive habits. This becomes more resourceful in your transformation than putting it off to the start of a new week, month or year. This serves as a trickle-down effect to improve a better version of yourself. Therefore, starting new habits is a great first step in transforming your attitude. Once forming new habits, it is important to keep them up. Therefore, developing a 90-day goal strategy based off your newly formed habits will assist in providing sustainability toward a positive and open mindset.

Pause and Self-Evaluate

Self-evaluation is a great starting place to determine what habits to develop in transforming your attitude. Self-evaluation provides tangible steps to overall improvement and attitude enhancement. By utilizing this approach, it allows you to see things differently. Specifically, it allows you to enjoy life, be open to change, be flexible in your approach and be receptive to feedback.

Self-evaluation can be done by taking a step back from the every day grind to self-assess your current state of being. A way to do this is to rate yourself in various areas of your life using a scale of one to 10 with one being least content and 10 being most content. The categories can be different for each person, but some recommended areas to evaluate yourself are spiritual, mental, physical, personal and purpose. The evaluation should be unique to you but productive to address overall improvement in attitude and well-being.

Embrace Feedback

In an effort to transform your attitude, it will require to you seek feedback and listen. Being receptive to feedback leads to continuous learning and development. Learning and developing is not defined by age. It is defined by developing a positive and open attitude to see things through multiple lenses. A way to do this is to continually expose yourself to various resources and learning tools to gain feedback. There will be feedback that may not apply to you or that you will not agree with. However, keeping a positive and open mindset allows you to act as a sponge to take it all in. Use the information that best applies to you.

With having a positive and open attitude, it prepares you to overcome difficult circumstances. You will encounter difficult people and situations in your personal and professional life. When encountering difficult situations, make an emphasis in your attitude on what you can learn from the situation. Therefore, maintaining a positive and open attitude will be beneficial in tackling these situations.

There is no better time than now to transform your attitude for the better. Learning, growing and developing is not determined by an age or time. Instead, the change for the better is defined by your attitude. Your transformation through life should start and stop with your attitude. Your attitude can be your greatest strength in each aspect of your personal and professional live. Keep these tips in mind as you work on your greatest project in life: yourself.

Ty Verdin
Ty Verdin is a professional staff member in the department of sports and recreation at Kennesaw State University. He currently serves as the senior coordinator of club sports. Contact him at

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