It’s Time For Your Rec Center To Go Mobile


Every day, college students receive an average of 5,000 messages on their smartphones through text, email, apps, social media and the like. They’ve come to expect — even demand — the convenience of getting the information they want, when they want it, directly on their phones. So, when it comes to communications from your recreation center, the challenge is to rise above the noise and truly capture their attention. One of the most successful methods for doing just that and actively engaging students with your center is a customized mobile app.

Why? A mobile app answers the student call for expedient communications on their preferred device. With just a few clicks in a matter of seconds, they can check on hours of operation, view real-time facility occupancy, sign up for a class, reserve equipment and more. The best part is that they get to feel in control of their fitness experience. Plus, you gain a whole new level of control over your center’s operations and efficiency.

By going mobile, you can simultaneously boost student health and wellness, and optimize center performance.

Improve The Student Experience.

Students demand convenience. They want on-the-spot access to information and programming. They find websites tedious, and flyers ineffective. A mobile app improves accessibility and supports positive fitness routines. It prevents long wait times for equipment, makes it easier to get into group classes, and lets students pinpoint their ideal workout time, whether they prefer a lively, active environment or one that’s calm and quiet.

Gain A Two-Sided Solution.

The best mobile apps are two-sided platforms that include a back-end, custom-built, administrative portal. That portal immediately benefits your facility operations by streamlining routines and procedures; boosting the effectiveness of marketing and communications through tailored alerts and push notifications; and empowering data-driven decisions on staffing, hours, programming and more.

Automate Your Data Collection.

A custom mobile app seamlessly moves you from a slow, labored pen-and-paper process to one where data is collected automatically and instantaneously. It saves money by reducing labor hours and paper waste, and eliminating human error. Data optimized through this technology enables on-demand reporting that allows your staff to quickly analyze trends and adjust operations accordingly.

A customized mobile app will help your recreation center outperform the other 5,000 messages your students receive daily and be one that they actually READ. Plus, it will give your staff the platform they need to beat expectations.

Rachel Koretsky is the founder and CEO of upace, a customizable fitness app and mobile platform to communicate, engage and access analytics. She can be reached at or visit


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