How TRUE Fitness Stands Out at Texas Christian University

TRUE Fitness

Sometimes, the best things take time.

This was the case when it came to Texas Christian University’s partnership with TRUE Fitness. “I’ve seen TRUE Fitness equipment around at various facilities and trade shows for years, but I never learned much about the company or equipment until Bob Dethloff started working with the company,” said Ryan Keller, the assistant director of fitness and wellness of campus recreation at Texas Christian University.

As Keller took a deeper dive into learning about the company, he began to realize the benefit of the distinct equipment – namely the Fully Body Press – TRUE offered. “Once I learned more about the equipment, I started to look into some of the more unique pieces,” said Keller. “Treadmills and ellipticals can all start to look very similar across companies, but the Full Body Press certainly stood out as a unique piece of equipment.”

Keller shares below about Texas Christian’s partnership with TRUE, the experience with the Fully Body Press and more:

CR: What are your thoughts on the TRUE Full Body Press?

RK: The first time I saw this piece at a trade show I just thought, “Well, I have to get on that and try it.” It can be a bit intimidating or confusing at first, probably because you’ve never seen anything like it. After you climb on, it makes sense pretty quick. It’s a smooth movement pattern, and it definitely uses the full body. I really like the fact you can load it up for a heavy strength movement, or keep the weight lighter and hit more reps for a metabolic challenge.

CR: How does your partnership with TRUE Fitness benefit your facility?

RK: We always like to try a few things before anyone else does. It’s been awesome to have the opportunity to experiment with a new company – for our facility – and a new piece of equipment we don’t see all the time. We also enjoy getting on the floor and showing patrons how to utilize new pieces. After the Full Body Press was installed, Bob and I pulled people over to explain the new piece and have them try it out.

CR: What do you like about working with TRUE?

RK: So far the equipment seems well built, and the Full Body Press definitely stands out on our weight room floor – it’s unique and it looks good. Working with the people at TRUE has also been great, and that is a huge deciding factor when we consider working with a new company.


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