TRUE’s Compass Provides Premium Networked Fitness Solutions


TRUE Fitness, a provider of premium cardio and strength equipment, has recently released their premium console software, Compass.

Compass makes it easier to reach goals with premium networked fitness solutions, experience and enhanced member engagement. The upgraded console software and cloud service provides the tools to evaluate facility, member, and trainer experiences with asset management, personalized programming on-console customizations and end-to-end analytics with asset management to drive the business/organization. Information gathered by Compass is available via facility and user specific portals on the TRUE Compass cloud for review or download.

“Since 1981, we’ve listened to our customers to learn their needs and what’s important to them so we can continue to provide innovative solutions,” said Ward Petito, the COO of TRUE. “We went through this same process for Compass and have developed software to allow facilities to both efficiently manage their fitness centers as well as create opportunity for user engagement and retainment. TRUE will continue to invest in future fitness connectivity and data driven development and, as part of our continued commitment to be a partner to our customers, we are providing access to the suite of Compass services to all partner facilities at no charge for the first 48 months of ownership.”

Whether it’s utilizing Compass to manage club assets, promote training services and classes, or access personalized workout programs and history, facilities, users and trainers will all benefit from the upgraded software.

Facility Solutions

Compass provides solutions for facility operators by providing ability to visualize all connected equipment in real time; evaluating utilization patterns, programming, messaging and all error or preventative maintenance codes by unit and facility with state-of-the-art Asset Management.

Member Experience

Console, dashboard and the online site work together to deliver a complete and connected fitness experience for members by providing them with both the tools and data to help them reach their ultimate fitness goals.

Trainer Engagement

Helps trainers engage with members, providing tools and technology to aid in helping members reach ultimate fitness goals with external device control.

“We are excited to launch Compass, which is the foundation of our connected fitness solutions. This data driven approach will allow TRUE to quickly identify trends and opportunities to improve the platform and overall user experience in near real time. Future planned features include member messaging, goals and milestones, workouts and content pushed to user profiles and enhancing the robust suite of facility and member analytics,” said Jim Williams, TRUE’s cardio product manager.

Compass is available via TRUE’s 16-inch touchscreen console, the Envision and compatible with all commercial cardio products. Asset management and user integrations are seamlessly handled via the Compass portal available at To learn more about how a facility and its users will be able to seamlessly combine, sync and visualize real time information and analytics through Compass, visit

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