TuffStuff Introduces the Bio-Arc Strength Series


TuffStuff is proud to introduce the Bio-Arc Strength Series, the first resistance machines to incorporate multiplanar movement of each machine’s seat, along a linear arc trajectory. The seat movement allows the user to move along the arc path in conjunction with the machine helping to maintain more optimal muscle length and improving the force of contraction and training stimulus. The series has been three years in the making, from concept and engineering to prototype, testing and refinements. Each of the Bio-Arc line’s machines were tested, following initial design positioning, by an independent exercise consulting company. Pilot research studies combining joint positioning – using goniometry testing, along with muscle recruitment and activity measurements – through electromyographic (EMG) testing were performed to determine the optimal dimensions of each unit for final production. Every detail and design modifications were executed to exact specifications and re-tested. The end result was a patented Bio-Arc Technology that allows full body linear arc trajectory motion during execution of the exercise.

EMG and goniometer testing were performed by an independent exercise research company. Four subjects were selected for the testing with height ranging from 5-feet 0.25-inch to 6-feet 1-inch. Subject selection was limited to individuals with sufficiently low subcutaneous adipose tissue to permit accurate electromyographic measurements. EMG activity was recorded for the primary and accessory muscle(s) that target the upper and lower body musculature; furthermore, contributions from accessory and antagonistic muscle groups were also evaluated. Measurements, testing, data collection and analysis by the independent researcher group on the Bio-Arc series provided TuffStuff engineers with the necessary design modifications to optimize muscle recruitment of primary movers specific to each machine.

For more information, visit tuffstuffitness.com.

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