Vulcanized Rubber Flooring: The Multi-sport Solution

vulcanized rubber flooring

Considering its durability and safety attributes, it’s no wonder that *vulcanized rubber flooring is becoming a more popular choice for a wide range of venues. Add in its safety characteristics and its ease of maintenance, and it only makes sense that more campus recreation venues are choosing vulcanized rubber flooring.

Then there are its performance capabilities: Vulcanized rubber flooring is an excellent shock absorber and is naturally resilient – which helps reduce athletes’ fatigue and minimize the risk of foot injuries; it can support heavy weight loads without breaking; and it can withstand high-impact physical activity and all types of footwear – including cleats and skates – without ripping or tearing.

Campus recreation facilities demand flooring that won’t succumb to staining, mold and mildew; most vulcanized rubber flooring is moisture and chemical resistant, meaning it can stand up to the perspiration, water and sports drink spills, and regular cleaning that are all a part of the daily life of most campus recreation centers.

Vulcanized rubber flooring also is the choice for green construction because the product itself and the installation process are environmentally friendly. Among the reasons why: because the flooring is so durable, it reduces the need for replacement flooring; when vulcanized rubber flooring does need to be replaced, it can be recycled; natural rubber is a rapidly renewable raw material; and many products use recycled rubber, which helps cut down on products like used car tires being sent to landfills.

Vulcanized rubber flooring is an ideal choice for a wide range of sports, including:

  • Weight training. Dense and sturdy, vulcanized rubber flooring is resilient enough to provide cushion when heavy weights are dropped on the floor. It’s stable and uniform, too, so it provides optimal support when athletes need it most.
  • Running. It’s a perfect surface for jogging tracks, and it’s tough enough to withstand running spikes.
  • Aerobics. The flooring’s shock absorption capabilities provide just the right cushion for athletes during fast, powerful, explosive movements, as well as optimal grip when exercisers perform sudden changes in direction.
  • Ice skating and hockey. Sure, you’ll still want ice inside the rink. But for the perimeters and bench areas, vulcanized rubber flooring is ideal because it provides grip but can also stand up to ice skate blades.

Campus recreation facilities also use vulcanized rubber flooring for basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis and many other sports, as well as common areas.

Finally, vulcanized rubber flooring is a natural choice for campus recreation facilities because venues can choose from a wide range of patterns and colors, and even incorporate wate-jet created custom graphics. With vulcanized rubber flooring, logos are produced as a part of the surface, so they’re also durable and able to withstand heavy use.

*Vulcanization is the process that permanently amalgamates individual layers, using high heat and pressure; the product will never separate, and its biomechanical and physical properties will be consistent.


By Latasha Pittman, the director of marketing and communications at Mondo, which makes a full line of vulcanized rubber flooring that is ideal for student intramural and recreation centers, and collegiate recreational sports facilities. For more information on vulcanized rubber flooring for campus recreation centers, visit Mondo’s website or call 800.361.3747.

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  1. Eric Lussier

    July 2, 2018 at 1:25 pm

    If vulcanized rubber flooring is an excellent shock absorber, what class shock absorption does it fall under according to ASTM F2772?

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