Why the University of Michigan Partners with Matrix Fitness

Matrix Fitness

Lisa Shea, the associate director of programs and marketing of recreational sports at the University of Michigan, shares on partnering with Matrix Fitness:

CR: How did you discover Matrix Fitness?

LS: Through the NIRSA network, specifically our colleagues in the Big Ten.

CR: Why did you decide to partner with them?

LS: Matrix Fitness is one of the leading companies in fitness and strength equipment for collegiate recreation programs. Our philosophy at the University of Michigan is to provide a variety of the best in fitness and strength equipment, and the opportunity for our participants to use equipment that meets their workout needs. When we decide to purchase cardio and strength equipment, there are a combination of things we consider – biomechanical design, quality, durability, maintenance and relationship with the vendor.

CR: What do you like about partnering with Matrix?

LS: The Matrix team is engaged from start to finish. We appreciate their focus on customer needs and satisfaction, and most importantly, the experience of the end user, our participant. The Matrix team believes in our vision and philosophy of supporting student wellbeing and providing a quality experience for our participants.

CR: How does this partnership benefit your rec center?

LS: Our participants enjoy the diversity of cardio and strength equipment we offer at the CCRB, IMSB and NCRB. With that being said, it’s important to keep our fitness and strength equipment fully functioning and safe.  The asset management program, having parts on hand and the attentiveness of the Matrix team has allowed our staff to manage and maintain this expectation.

CR: Was there anything that pleasantly surprised you about working with Matrix?

LS: Being with us every step of the way. Our Matrix team contacts have delivered, and continue to deliver on all aspects, and we could not be more pleased with the Matrix equipment, the positive customer service and the relationships.


For more information on Matrix Fitness, visit matrixfitness.com.

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