Zephyr Lock Shared Use Locks

3X3 Advertisement copyZephyr Lock offers a complete line of shared use locks that can help improve efficiency, create an upscale presentation, and streamline the locker experience for your members.  Electronic locks can be programmed with custom features, including time based operations, designed to help your staff manage the locker rooms more effectively.  The electronic RFID versions can potentially be paired with member ID badges utilizing RFID technology.

All Zephyr Lock shared use products offer simple methods of access for managerial staff as well as a simple user interface for your members and clientele.  With systems ranging from maintenance free mechanical locks to highly programmable RFID electronic locks, Zephyr Lock manufactures products that fit every need and application for your locker room.

Zephyr Lock Products Offer:

  • True shared use operation to maximize efficiency of overall space and to reduce the time required by employees to manage lockers
  • Push button keypad for ease of use
  • Locks designed to fit virtually all locker types and applications
  • Manual override capability to allow for supervisory access when needed
  • Shared use locks are available in a variety of configurations from recessed to surface mounted and both vertical and horizontal orientation.
  • Electronic locks offer optimal battery life of up to 20,000 cycles for RFID locks, and 50,000 cycles for Electronic keypad models.
  • Mechanical shared use locks are maintenance free and are ideal for high volume, high traffic environments
  • Electronic RFID versions offer flexibility of use by card, wristband, or key fob.

For more information visit www.zephyrlock.com, call 866-937-4971 or email info@zephyrlock.com


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