Escape Fitness Launches New Programming Suite

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Top-notch programming is a great way for rec centers to make the most of their functional training equipment, space and training zones. Not only is it good for retention, it has the potential to incrementally boost revenue.  However, the expertise and time required to create unique programming can be prohibitive. And, it’s always possible when a trainer creates original programming and then leaves employment the programming goes, too.

In overcoming these challenges, an exciting development Escape Fitness brings to 2017 is the launch of its third new program to round out its programming suite. MOVE IT and BATTLE FIT launched late 2016, and new for 2017 is HIIT THE DECK. Escape created this programming suite with all the essentials to offer exciting, high-level, attractive options–from instructor training, manuals, online videos and programming to accompanying equipment options and more … to provide competitive, scientifically sound programming that’s easy to incorporate and deliver consistently, regardless of staff changes. It’s a personalized approach to functional training—bringing it to life in fun, challenging ways to push users beyond their perceived limits. With three unique programs in Escape’s suite, now every base is covered for every club and member.

As fitness tastes of students nationwide have evolved beyond traditional treadmills and fixed weights, to include functional and group training, Escape’s new programming suite—which can be purchased as one, two or three programs—appeals to their desire to connect through functional fitness while helping rec centers maximize available space. This makes rec centers more attractive and competitive against popular boutiques.

Here’s an Escape programming overview:

MOVE IT is a dynamic calories burning, functional, high intensity interval training group program. With MOVE IT, clients of all ability levels train together on a full range of functional equipment through a series of zone escalations, increasing in intensity. With Adjustment Hurdles, CMTs, GRIPRs, Ridge Rollers, Sandbags, Speed Ladders, Corebags, Fitness Bulgarian Bags, Multi Grip Med Balls, Rubber Kettlebells and Slamballs, the harder users train, the bigger the calorie burn. In fact, MOVE IT pushes clients to train at 80% of their maximum heart rate–entering into the excess post-exercise oxygen consumption phase–so they burn calories hard during and after their workout.

BATTLE FIT is an elite, military-based, functional fitness group training series that pushes users beyond perceived mental, physical and psychological limits to accelerate results. Designed by former British Army officers on the physical and psychological building blocks of military training British soldiers use, Battle Fit catapults functional training to a new level with its 16-week series of structured 35-minute workouts using specially designed, innovative training equipment.

HIIT THE DECK is a functional, high intensity interval training program for small and large group workouts using Escape Deck 2.0 and other functional tools combining step, strength and plyometrics into routines that can be ramped up in intensity. Its adaptable design allows rec centers to specify the quantity of equipment needed per their space, member preferences and abilities. HIIT THE DECK is the ideal entry into functional training.

Emily Harbourne was a previous editor for Campus Rec Magazine.

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