4 Must Listen-to Leadership Podcasts


Leadership is an important quality in campus recreation, and one that’s equally hard to come by. If you’ve done some self-examination and decided that you’d like to improve your leadership skills, it might be time for some expert advice.

Fortunately, expert advice is readily available in the form of podcasts for you to listen to.

Podcasts are a great way to learn and build new habits — you can listen to them anywhere, any time. For example, when you’re battling traffic on your way to work, try listening to some leadership podcasts instead of yelling at other drivers who can’t hear you.

Listening to what successful men and women have to say about being good leaders will give you a starting point for developing your own leadership skills. Here are four leadership podcasts that you should check out:

1. This Is Your Life

Hosted by Michael Hyatt, this podcast emphasizes leadership, productivity, personal development and goal-setting to help overwhelmed decision-makers succeed professionally and personally.

2. Dose of Leadership

Hosted by Richard Rierson, who provides engaging interviews with his guests, this show will give you an inside look at the leadership tactics of NFL coaches, CEOs, authors and investors.

3. Engaging Leader

Jesse Lahey brings a fresh take on leadership to this show, saying that successful people have to be more than just leaders — they have to be engagers. Among the topics discussed are culture, accountability and communication.

4. Eternal Leadership

Hosted by John Ramstead, this show encourages leading beyond influence. It will challenge leaders to live their lives so that their work and contributions will outlive them.

Bobby Dyer
Bobby is a staff writer at Peake Media. Reach him at bobby@peakemedia.com.

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