9 Campus Recreation Trends for the Coming Year

campus recreation trends

Recently, Campus Rec Magazine asked professionals in the industry what they predict will be paramount in terms of campus recreation trends this coming year. From social wellness needs to mental health’s role, all the way to the changing landscape of intramural sports and more, the trends are varied.

Here are nine campus recreation trends industry professionals are predicting will be prominent this coming year:

  1. Navigating the balance of working from home verses in-person work. Some don’t believe staff need to return to the office to be successful; others say work is more efficient and effective when they are in office. Could there be a great resignation because of this?
  2. Recovering from the pandemic and returning to “normal.”
  3. Capitalizing on the role of campus recreation in the areas of wellness and preventative medicine, along with a focus on wellness and mental health.
  4. Remote learning, fitness and recreation. Virtual fitness and innovative online programming are here to stay.
  5. The landscape of intramural sports is and will continue changing.
  6. More integration of campus recreation professionals across campus. Specifically, supporting student and employee well-being across the campus.
  7. Social wellness — especially after a year or more of isolation — will be essential. Social well-being support and the development of small group programs that help foster a sense of community will be a must.
  8. There is going to be a big need for outreach. A whole year of first-year students didn’t experience normal programs and services. Campus rec professionals need to be creative in reaching the first and second-year students.
  9. Dealing with budget cuts and staffing cuts.

With these trends in mind, how can your department keep on top of the changes that are bound to come revolving around these areas? So, it might be time to evaluate your campus recreation center, staff and programs.

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Heather Hartmann is the editor for Campus Rec Magazine. She can be reached at heather@peakemedia.com.

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