A Better Way with the Magnum Glute Trainer

Magnum Glute Trainer

With glute training becoming more popular than ever, the Magnum Glute Trainer offers students a better way to tone muscles and build power, while improving hip and core stability.

The Magnum Glute Trainer includes smart biomechanics mimicking a bar hip thrusting without the difficulty and discomfort of using free weights. The glute trainer also features a walk-through design, making it easy for anyone to get started. The refined ergonomic details accommodate students of all sizes and ability levels comfortably, while high maximum resistance and elastic band hooks provide options to challenge even elite athletes. Like everything from the Magnum Series, the glute trainer has professional-quality components that are engineered and tested to stand up to heavy use in the toughest environments.

“For years, people have performed dangerous, difficult and uncomfortable exercises to train the ‘holy grail’ of the body: the glutes,” said Chris Adsit, the senior global strength product manager of Matrix Fitness. “Our goal was to create something to target glutes in a safe and comfortable way. Users can focus on intensity and maximum glute activation without worrying about typical difficulties associated with free weights or risky movements. There is nothing like it in the market that feels like free weights, keeps it comfortable and is easy to use. This will change the way people train glutes and provides a safe alternative to the ‘exotic’ glute exercises being done today.”

For more information on the Magnum Glute Trainer, visit matrixfitness.com.

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