A Floorball Program is Ideal in the Age of COVID-19


Floorball is one of the fastest growing indoor sports in the world. The rules lend themselves to an exciting and fast style of game play that is easy to learn. While similar to floor hockey, it has significant differences. The equipment design makes it safer and quicker. A floorball stick is shorter than a floor hockey stick, just over waist high, and very light weight with a better grip, making it easier to control. Sticks are made of fiberglass composites for excellent durability. This makes the game very fast and there is never any damage to gym floors. There is no body checking or stick checking which makes the game safe for everybody. 

You can play floorball in any gym and all you need is sticks and balls; no protective helmets, gloves or shin pads needed. While many organized sports programs have been put on hold, floorball is one sport that can be played easily in a world of face coverings and social distancing. Players can wear masks if desired but it’s not necessary since they generally keep a comfortable distance from other players. After all, floorball is a passing game — you can’t pass to somebody who is right next to you.

FloorballPlanet is the largest supplier of floorball equipment in North America and has been a leader in the growth of floorball in the United States since 2008. We have helped to bring floorball to hundreds of schools and trained thousands of teachers to incorporate it in physical education (PE) programs. In addition to PE and rec programs, we have helped hockey associations, veterans organizations, disabled athletes and Special Olympics make floorball a regular part of their activities. 

Floorball appeals to the athlete and non-athlete alike. Unlike other popular team sports, it is inclusive individual players generally cannot dominate play and everybody gets lots of touches. It can be played by all ages together and is ideally suited to co-ed play. Rec programs are in desperate need of participatory activities. Why floorball? Because it is an addictive team sport which gathers friends together to enjoy a great workout in a competitive environment while still allowing for some distance. 

Now is a great time to add this program to your campus rec or intramural offerings. Visit floorballplanet.com or email us today at sales@floorballplanet.com

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