Choosing a Portable Sound System 

portable sound system

Portable sound systems are designed to be easily moved and quickly set up. Within this general description there are many types of portable sound systems. Here are some questions to consider when choosing a portable:

Does the portable sound system need to be battery powered?

If there will always be AC power available wherever the portable is used, it doesn’t need to be battery powered. If there are times when no AC power will be available, it needs to be battery powered. 

There are many great sounding portable units available with built-in rechargeable batteries. Advances in battery technology enable the best units to have longer operating times before needing a charge. There is a trade-off, however. Manufacturers use lower powered built-in amplifiers in battery powered units to maximize operating time. Battery powered portables usually don’t output as much volume as a similar sized AC powered sound system.

Does the portable need a microphone?

If microphone use is a requirement, the portable sound system must have a microphone input. If wireless microphone use is a requirement, consider choosing an ‘all-in-one’ portable sound system with a built-in wireless microphone receiver. Built-in wireless receivers are connected internally and are powered by the sound system, features that can be important in a portable sound application. 

How much power (watts) should a portable sound system have? 

Generally, portable systems expected to cover larger groups of people need more power and a larger speaker(s). Other factors include: What type of programming will the portable sound system be expected to handle? Music-driven fitness classes and dance events typically require more power than simple public- address announcements. 


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