Tapping into the HIIT Market


In recent years, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has blown up in the market and has been a powerful tool for all types of fitness facilities. It offers the chance to adopt new engaging programs and affords facilities exciting new marketing opportunities. Tapping into the HIIT market can be a great source of revenue, however, the rise of high-intensity programs also means it is more important than ever to distinguish yourself against a backdrop of hundreds of similar programs.

One way a rec center can stand out from the crowd is to incorporate competition into their programming. Competition is an incredible tool that can encourage goal setting for members, progress tracking, accountability and offer positive reinforcement to keep them returning to grow individually. Few things get people fired up as much as good competition, and there are many effective ways to add competition to your program in a way that excites and motivates members, builds community, and allows them to track and visualize their progress. The intensity behind HIIT workouts lends itself well to competition.

The simplest form of competition that can be utilized in HIIT is encouraging participants to compete against themselves. Use markers, score boards, fitness trackers or whatever tools you have available, just make sure participants have visible and accurate means to keep score and record personal records. When programs emphasize measurable results, any athlete who is repeating a workout will be competing with their score from the previous time they performed the workout. Seeing improvements in workout scores is a big motivator.

While competition will light a fire under some, others may need additional motivation to keep with their routines. Offering a cutting edge HIIT program at your facility will not only keep members engaged, it will drive new traffic and revenue into your re center all year long.

As exciting as a new HIIT program can be, how a rec center incorporates it in their current facility can be a daunting task. By investing in a world-class HIIT program, you have the ability to leverage your equipment and promote your facility to attract new members. By capitalizing on a HIIT program that offers education on the science and intricacies of HIIT, trainers can understand not only how to incorporate this new program but why it is important for your students.


By Core Health and Fitness. For more information on leveraging HIIT programming in  your rec center, click here.

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