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When making a large purchasing decision, there are typically three top considerations: quality, functionality and value.

Rightfully so, you want to end up with a high-quality product that will get used as much as possible, all while minding your budget. Purchasing a sound system for your school or university is no different, and before deciding exactly which sound system to purchase, it’s important to first determine what type will best fit your needs.

During that decision-making time, ask yourself:

  • What department(s) need sound amplification, and who will operate the sound system?
  • Is it needed indoors, outdoors or both?
  • Will there always be a power source available?
  • What is my budget?

From there you will be able to determine what type of sound system is the best fit.

The first two questions will address who needs, and will be using, the sound system, and the location it will be used. On a campus with multiple departments and various sound amplification needs, it is safe to assume several faculty and students will be operating the sound system and at different locations. Because of this, a product that is both user friendly and portable will be the first things to consider.

Second, and possibly the most important factor to consider, is whether or not you will have access to an electrical outlet in the various locations of usage. If you can foresee the possibility of being without power at any of the locations, you may want to lean on the safe side and consider a battery-powered system. A common example for the need of a battery powered sound system is for outdoor events. They may be on the field, outdoor amphitheater, off-campus location or a combination of all three where access to an electrical outlet is unlikely. A sound system that is battery powered, in addition to user friendly and portable, will allow voice and music amplification to continue during these events.

The third and final determining factor is budget. Regardless of whether your budget is high or low, most can agree you want to get as much use out of your purchase as possible and feel it was a well-made investment. A battery-powered portable sound system has the largest range, and most flexibility, of application or uses. Installed or AC power only systems can limit the application or locations the sound system may be used – especially important for the budget conscious purchasers.

Purchasing a sound system for your campus takes time, research and careful consideration of all options. In the end, the option that provides you with the most functionality and quality sound at a cost you are comfortable with will be the sound system for you.

By Caitlin Taber, the marketing coordinator at Anchor Audio. For more information, call 800.262.4671 or email

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