Using Connect2Concepts at Towson University


Scott Lehmann, the assistant director of facilities management for Campus Recreation at Towson University shares about partnering with Connect2Concepts:

How did you discover Connect2Concepts?

SL: Tamara Jarrett of Core Unlimited LLC. was hired by Towson University’s Campus Recreation as a consultant as we began the early phases of a facility expansion capital project. Tamara connected our department with Jenn Jacobs and Connect2Concepts at the earliest stages of the software’s development. They asked if Towson’s Campus Recreation wanted to be a partner with them and here we are almost four years later.

Why did you decide to partner with them?

SL: At the time, this type of technology was not widely known in the industry. Our department was continuing to improve its operations while the facility was preparing to be renovated and expanded. Jenn Jacobs and Connect2 pitched our staff on Connect2’s innovative benefits of being an electronic platform that can gather data, complete reports and forms, share information, and more. Connect2 was the app that consolidated most of our operating procedures into one platform that made everything we do more efficient and user friendly.

What do you like about partnering with Connect2Concepts?

SL: I value the partnership with Connect2Concepts because of the personal and relationship-oriented approach to the partnership. Since our student employees and I are the end users, Connect2 values our input based on industry knowledge and our practical application of Connect2. They work very hard to develop the software for what the industry needs now and for where it is headed. We are able to provide direct feedback on what works, what doesn’t work and new ideas that would help improve operations. It also offers opportunities to collaborate with other institutions using Connect2 to learn best practices.

How does this partnership benefit your rec center?

SL: Our Campus Recreation department has found numerous benefits through this partnership with Connect2Concepts. Not only has the use of the application improved the operations for several student positions, but it also has a significant impact on our risk management practices, facility management, communication procedures and countless benefits from the valuable data we are able to collect that aids in decision making, programming, operations and marketing. On top of that, I feel empowered to offer feedback and suggestions to improve the application that will affect our department and the industry.

Was there anything that pleasantly surprised you about working with Connect2Concepts?

SL: As I have mentioned, the relationship-oriented approach has made the experience with the Connect2Concepts enjoyable. I am able to communicate directly with the owner, Jenn, to ask questions and give feedback. I can’t think of many applications or software companies where one can do that.


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