SprinkGUARD: An Innovative Fire Sprinkler Company


SprinkGUARD is an innovative fire sprinkler guard company that creates custom guards designed for any application. It has provided products to a variety of customers and industries, and have specifically seen recreational facilities all over the country benefit from protecting their investments with the Inline SprinkGUARD. Matt Hunsberger, the founder and former college basketball coach, states the idea of SprinkGUARD was birthed from a personal experience with a damaged fire sprinkler in the gymnasium where he held practices. A sprinkler head, damaged from the impact of a ball, caused flooding leading to costly irreparable damage to the gymnasium floors which led to the beginning of the company.

Fire suppression systems protect life, property and equipment, but what guards that system from the action happening right underneath? SprinkGUARD provides a variety of guards for a variety of solutions. The Inline SprinkGUARD specifically is the perfect solution for any campus recreation facility. This design protects sprinkler heads located on exposed piping or within pallet racks or ceiling trusses from inadvertent activation by foreign objects. This UL listed and approved industrial strength Inline SprinkGUARD can be used with upright and pendant sprinkler heads. The Inline SprinkGUARD’s are built to withstand the force of basketballs, footballs, baseballs and more. Hundreds of gallons of water hang over valuable investments every single day. Put up the best defense. Be protected with SprinkGUARD.

For more information, visit sprinkguard.com.

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