Discovering KnockerBall® at James Madison University


Jon Corum, the coordinator of intramural sports and inclusive recreation at James Madison University, shares how the school discovered KnockerBall® and why they partnered with the company:

How did you discover KnockerBall?

JC: KnockerBall actually approached us on more or less of a cold call in the summer of 2016. They requested a time to meet with us so they could share some of their ideas; and we were happy to listen to them. We had heard of and seen the concept of “bubble soccer” being utilized in some campus recreation programs around the nation, but we did not know there were any local entities until KnockerBall approached us.

Why did you partner with KnockerBall?

JC: We saw it as an opportunity to offer something new, exciting and different from our other programming. We thought its best fit was within a special event as opposed to regular programming, so we made it a feature of our UREC Fest event at the beginning of the academic year.

What have been the benefits of the partnership to your facility and students?

JC: Our partnership with KnockerBall has provided us with a fitting energizer and has added value to the UREC Fest experience. Our aim with UREC Fest is to get first-year students exposed to our facilities, programs and services, while doing it in as engaging a way as possible. The KnockerBall experience really suits that objective. When the students who attend the event “get in the ball,” they are being exposed to a new way to practice a healthy lifestyle; and our hope is the experience will encourage them to engage with more of the programs and services we offer.

Is there anything about working with KnockerBall that has pleasantly surprised you?

JC: We have been really pleased with the service aspect of the KnockerBall staff at the event. They have treated our students really well and they’ve done a great job with getting the participants excited to try something new.

What would you like other rec center professionals to know about partnering with KnockerBall?

JC: For those campus recreation professionals who are planning a special event or pop-up programming and looking for something new and exciting, KnockerBall is a great option. One thing about the KnockerBall experience I don’t think many people know is their offerings go well beyond the conventional “bubble soccer” concept with which many of us are familiar. They offer a myriad of other mini-games and activities that seem to be driven by a lot of the same learning outcomes many campus recreation departments are setting out to achieve.

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