‘Cool Products’ of NIRSA 2018

NIRSA 2018

With NIRSA 2018 in the books, use this “Cool Products” guide for a peek at the equipment, services and products you may have missed.



It’s hard to keep Mother Nature 100 percent outside. Water, dirt and other debris inevitably end up inside and on gym floors. Don’t cut corners. Proper and regular cleaning will help protect your investment. For an effective and robust cleaner, consider Aacer’s CourtKleen system. The system includes CourtKleen Daily and Intensive cleaning solutions. Mops, applicator and pads are also available. Clean sport surfaces are beautiful and provide a safer surface for players.

715.582.1181 or 877.582.1181   aacerflooring.com   sales@aacerflooring.com

adidas Outdooradidas Outdoor

adidas Terrex is the athletic brand in the outdoors. adidas Outdoor’s history began in the 1970s with the creation of the first light trekking shoes. Recently, Five Ten joined the adidas Outdoor family, bringing with it Stealth® rubber technology and more than 30 years of expertise. Check out the Partnership Program, which gives each school a $350 credit toward screening/embroidery costs per season.

770.310.3444   adidasoutdoorpartner.com   dderby@adidasoutdoor.com

Aktiv SolutionsAktiv Solutions

The first variable resistance portable rope trainer. The Revvll PRO® is ideal for group programing and engaging exercise variety for beginners to advanced. Enhance group studios, dynamic training areas or anywhere you wish to facilitate functional training. Easy to set up, use and no maintenance. Revvll in the possibilities.

310.559.9949   aktivsolutions.com   info@aktivsolutions.com

Alvarado TurnstilesAlvarado Turnstiles

For 60 years, Alvarado has been the choice for recreation and wellness centers throughout North America. Alvarado’s SU5000 optical turnstiles are an excellent option for controlling access to campus recreation facilities while providing a heightened level of security. With hundreds of proven installations and easy integration with recreation management software and biometric and credential readers, Alvarado’s SU5000 optical turnstiles are a functional and attractive addition. 

800.423.4143   alvaradomfg.com   information@alvaradomfg.com


CannonDesign is an integrated global design firm of architects, engineers and specialists focused on helping colleges and universities create solutions to address challenges and seize opportunities. Their campus recreation and sports team combines its strong track record of creating facilities that meet the needs of casual fitness enthusiasts and premier athletes with a passion for health and wellness. They create beautiful, functional and cost-effective environments, enriching the campus experience.

617.742.5440   cannondesign.com   cmckenna@cannondesign.com

Colorado Time SystemsColorado Time Systems

The Gen7 swim timing platform provides you long-lasting technology that will save you time and money. The software interface puts intuitive control of all levels of competition at your fingertips. This software combined with the distributed intelligence of the proprietary serial bus communication system gives you the flexibility to run your meets your way.

800.279.0111   coloradotime.com   info@coloradotime.com


DSE’s RecCenter provides the most comprehensive software suite available to college rec departments. RecCenter is customized, modular, web-based software that allows clients to select and customize in order to meet their unique needs. RecCenter modules include memberships, facility access, facility scheduling, equipment check-out, personal training and more. Integration with department website, single-sign-on, active directory and payment gateway are included. 

617.221.3171   dserec.com   contact@dserec.com

Ecore InternationalEcore International

Bounce 2 features a synthetic wood-grain surface that is fusion bonded to a 5 millimeter composition rubber backing. The result is a beautiful floor that looks like real wood, can have lines painted on it, and is ideal for fitness, sports and student recreation spaces. Other ways Bounce 2 provides more is by offering safety and ergonomic benefits while being quiet underfoot.

866.795.2732   ecoreathletic.com   contact@ecoreathletic.com

Entre PrisesEntre Prises

Innovative space for climbing and cross training. Climbing is shifting to an Olympic sport in 2020. Offer a new, unique style of equipment exceptional for training specific movements to build strength and technique. Monkey Space is highly modular and user-friendly for anyone to modify the location of training elements to create custom routines — instructional videos are ready to start building on. Great for climbing team challenges, multi-sport training and physiotherapists.

541.388.5463   epusa.com or monkeyspace.entre-prises.com   info@epusa.com

Escape FitnessEscape Fitness

Escape’s new HIIT THE DECK program covers small and large group training, and even one-on-one, using Escape Deck 2.0 and other Escape functional tools, embracing cardio, strength and plyometrics for a fantastic whole body experience. Escape Deck configures 16 ways, allowing exercisers to move quickly between step routines, plyometric jumps, resistance band work, and bench presses with pace and resistance levels that ramp up or down for varying fitness levels.

614.706.4462   escapefitness.com/us/training/hiit-the-deck-group-training-program   marketing@escapefitness.com


fitDEGREE makes your job easier. fitDEGREE makes your members happier. fitDEGREE makes going mobile easy and painless. fitDEGREE does all of this for affordably, reeeeaaaaallllllly affordably. Get the picture? Get fitDEGREE.

609.206.9895   rec.fitdegree.com   dan.berger@fitdegree.com


Global ArcheryGlobal Archery

Whether you host extreme archery events around campus or in your rec center, the Bag Bunker Set meets all your needs. A bag will hold either eight bows, 20 arrows or the 5-Spot Target set. Carry with the handles or shoulder strap, then just unzip, remove the equipment and latch the interior straps to set up. They will take hits and remain standing. Customize with your logo on one side for the perfect Archery Tag accessory.

260.587.4500   archerytag.com


InnoSoft is the leading provider of recreation management software to campus recreation departments. With a powerful but intuitive desktop platform and a modern responsive member portal, Fusion provides an extensive list of capabilities. Check out the company’s newest additions, including FusionIM, a fully-integrated league management software and FusionGO, a student facing mobile app that puts your information at your students’ fingertips. 

888.510.3827   innosoftfusion.com   info@innosoft.ca

Key Log RollingKey Log Rolling

Did you see the Key Log Rolling demo pool at NIRSA?! Key Log Rolling is making a splash, literally and figuratively, within campus recreation. The Key Log weighs 65 pounds and comes included with a set of three training fins that can be added or removed to take you from beginner to advanced. Key Logs can be tethered to a lane line or anchoring point in the pool. Log rolling is fun, fitness and competition.

763.544.0057   keylogrolling.com   emily@keylogrolling.com


The exclusive S-Force Performance Trainer leverages intelligent biomechanics to create the most rigorous version of high-intensity interval training yet. As students move through a user-defined path, the magnetic system automatically increases resistance the harder they work. This progressive design means each interval will challenge HIIT enthusiasts and elite athletes. Low-impact movement patterns reduce stress on joints, and the cord-free design means the S-Force can be placed wherever it works best.

866.693.4863   sforcebymatrix.com   info@matrixfitness.com

Mondo USAMondo USA

Mondo Advance vulcanized rubber gymnasium flooring is the ideal surface for multiple activities at your rec center. Advance offers: Excellent coefficient of friction. Ease of maintenance. Outstanding durability. Slip resistance. Outstanding sound absorption properties. Outstanding static and rolling load characteristics. One hundred percent recyclable. Greenguard Gold certified.

800.361.3747   mondoworldwide.com

Moody Nolan

Moody Nolan’s Sports, Recreation and Student Focused Facilities Design Studio specializes in fresh, functional and efficient designs. We are passionate about helping Moody Nolannew clients and old friends find the best design solutions. We consider every project to be an opportunity to rise above the norm and to move the design conversation to
new places; to create spaces that are memorable not just for the moment, but forever. This vision of Responsive Architecture is recognized by our peers and clients. 


877.530.4984   moodynolan.com   dford@moodynolan.com


The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) is a nonprofit professional organization dedicated to advancing the strength and conditioning professionNSCAaround the world. The NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT) certification is designed to prepare you to assess, motivate, educate, and train individuals of varying
skills and abilities. NSCA-CPT professionals are equipped to design safe and effective programs, and provide guidance to achieve their clients’ goals.

800.815.6826   nsca.com   nsca@nsca.com

Octane FitnessOctane Fitness

The AirdyneX is a highly-durable, total-body bike that combines a robust, 26-blade performance fan with a responsive single-stage belt drive that leverages one’s effort to generate more watt power. Exercisers can perform interval training with preset or custom programs, enjoy a steady-state ride, or use for warm-ups or as part of circuit training. MultiGrip handlebars deliver variety, foot pegs offer upper-body-only work and a tachometer provides motivation.

888.628.2634   octanefitness.com   sales@octanefitness.com


Queenax Functional Fitness by Precor is a versatile, space-efficient system that gives fitness directors the ability to easily convert from circuit to small group training. Incorporate the Assault AirBike and Assault AirRunner into your Queenax functional fitness system to add HIIT, one of the hottest fitness trends, to your programming. Your trainers will have the ability to make their training quick, effective and engaging but also unique to your rec center.

425.486.9292   precor.com   commsls@precor.com

SportsArt FitnessSportsArt Fitness

VERDE: The industry’s first energy-producing treadmill. The sleek, non-motorized design utilizes a flat-slat belt to create an approachable unit that feels remarkably natural and comfortable while also producing up to 200 watts per hour of energy per workout. A smart braking system allows walking, jogging, running, sprinting or sled pushing features.

800.709.1400   gosportsart.com   info@gosportsart.com


Technogym’s SKILLATHLETIC Training offers users the chance to perform a complete high-intensity circuit based on heart rate intensity in a group format. SKILLATHLETIC Training hones in on the ability to carry out complex movements and helps to improve muscular coordination. SKILLATHLETIC routines include a mix of fundamental movements, progressing through simple to more difficult exercises to obtain lasting benefits, both in terms of athletic performance and in everyday life. 

800.804.0952   technogym.com

Total GymTotal Gym

The five-piece ELEVATE Circuit by Total Gym provides a full body workout in 30 minutes. All the units are easy to use, fun and only take up 200 square feet of floor space. Perfect for small group training or HIIT-based classes.

858.764.0034   totalgym.com   commercialfitness@totalgym.com



TRUE FitnessTRUE Fitness

The TRUE Full Body Press replaces numerous upper and lower body exercises in one fluid movement, providing a more efficient workout. This machine safely targets areas such as chest, shoulders, triceps, upper and lower back, core, lats, hips, glutes, quads, calves, and hamstrings. Engineered with composite motion technology, the Full Body Press provides the integration of functional exercises for a safer, more effective workout experience.   

800.426.6570   truefitness.com   marketing@truefitness.com


Upace is the first customizable mobile platform that allows recreation center operators to effectively engage, communicate with and retain students. With upace, you can efficiently and accurately collect data, access analytics, and design and distribute forms. Via the app, students can view center occupancy, register for classes, spa services, personal training, reserve equipment and more.

800.420.4866   upaceapp.com   info@upaceapp.com


Campus rec hosts wanted. For more than 20 years, highly skilled master trainers have brought yoga’s unique perspective to a broader audience. YogaFit’s non-competitive, non-judgmental, alignment-based focus makes yoga accessible for all fitness levels. Use SHOW18 for 15 percent off. YogaFit has paired with over 100 campus recreation centers to provide high-level Yoga Teacher Training to students, staff and community members. 

888.786.3111   yogafit.com   host@yogafit.com

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