Cool Products of NIRSA 2016

With another NIRSA Convention and Trade Show in the books, use this “Cool Products” guide for a peek at the equipment, services and products you may have missed. 


PowerVentAacer Flooring

AACER PowerVent Airflow system. The cool features of this second generation version are: ability to monitor moisture remotely, direct connect into HVAC systems and two sensors that communicate between each other. This patented design features an exclusive under floor detection system that adds security and peace of mind to the owner. Should the humidistat detect an increase in moisture, it triggers fan units to start circulating air through the floor system. This starts before it is noticeable to facility personnel giving them time to address and prevent serious problems from occurring.

 715.582.1181  


SS16_AQ5306_cmykAdidas Outdoor

adidas Outdoor just recently brought on the world’s top-ranked disc golfer, Paul McBeth, as a grassroots athlete. The TX Swift R GTX shoe is Paul’s shoe of choice for all his competitions. Paul has called the shoe’s combination of comfort and durability over the long haul the real draw. It’s a fast and low to the ground shoe with breathable Gore-Tex technology. This news generated more than just excitement among disc golf fans and supporters of the four-time PDGA World Champion, it generated sales. adidas Outdoor also recently co-sponsored the National Collegiate Disc Golf Championship to show support for the sport.

 310.254.0353    


Yazmina Rawji - Campus-Rec_Cool-ProductsAlvarado Turnstiles 

Alvarado has been the choice for Recreation & Wellness Centers throughout North America for over 60 years. Our turnstiles and gates are designed to integrate with club management software and automate the member check-in process. Our solutions are proven in the field with hundreds of campus recreation installations. Alvarado has a wide range of solutions for any application and budget. Alvarado’s experience ensures that your project goes smoothly.

 800.423.4143  


CP FurnitureCP Furniture

CP Furniture is the No. 1 source for premium metal lockers. One locker series is called the “cambio”. The Cambio has a steel frame with different fronts. Those can be steel, HPL phenolic or wood/wood veneer. There are different size options, from full tier up to six tier, as well as Z lockers (two lockers that fit in the space of one). The Cambio also features two different standard widths, 12 inch or 16 inch. CP offers standard solutions as well as custom applications that make your lockers stand out.

 800.242.3450  



CannonDesign is an integrated design firm with a proven record of creating campus recreation and wellness centers that meet diverse needs and exceed expectations. Equipped with a full suite of services from master planning to architecture, engineering, environmental graphics and design-led construction, CannonDesign works to create environments that reflect the spirit and character of each institution with aesthetically pleasing, functionally sound and cost-effective environments that enrich the campus experience. The firm has worked with public and private institutions of all size and scale across the country to create recreation spaces that achieve outcomes and drive success.

 617.742.5440 


CardioPumpKettleBell_Logo_Vector_AI_OutCardio Pump Fitness

CardioPump Kettlebell is a 9-hour certification workshop. Students will learn swings, cleans, presses, goblet squats, windmills, snatches, Turkish Get Ups and more. Single and double kettlebell techniques are covered in CPK. The intention of this workshop is to ensure the proper, safe and effective execution of training with kettlebells. CardioPump President, Brook Benten, has completed RKC, SFG and StrongFirst Level II, the gold standard of kettlebell knowledge. Brook spent 10 years working in campus recreation, and now dedicates her work to affordably helping rec departments develop kettlebell programs.

 512.657.1805    


webCollege Disk Golf 

College Disc Golf. Disc golf is a great participation sport for people of all ages, but even more so for college students. It’s very inexpensive for students to get the equipment needed to start playing and not nearly as time consuming as the club and ball counterpart. A great disc golf facility is also a huge value to any institution. As disc golf continues to be one of the fastest growing sports in America and across the globe, the investment into acquiring a course is considerably less than many other recreational assets.

 706.925.DISC 



Digilock is the global leader in delivering electronic lock and locker solutions. ADA compliant locks offered in several architectural finishes, locking interface and security platforms seamlessly integrate with personal storage fixtures and cased goods. Patented electronic keys provide a credible lock management system that enhances productivity and reduces cost. Smartly designed lockers, secured with locks by Digilock, integrate durability, style and security through a comprehensive selection of door types, frames features and strong configurations.

 707.766.6000  


Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 11.25.43 AMDo Sports Easy

DSE RecCenter will change how you look at management software. This modular, fully customizable software includes: membership and pass management, facility access, facility scheduling, employee management, equipment check-out, club sports, class registration, personal training, intramural sports, event registration, locker management, point of sale and reports modules.

RecCenter’s integrated design is unique. Information created in one module populates additional modules — e.g. creating a sport or class schedule can also create the facility reservation, eliminating redundant work. It can integrate with your school’s website, single sign-on system and payment gateway. Admin and user dashboards display all key recreation info in one place.

617.221.3171   



The new Escape STEP and RISER is a multi-configurable platform solution that is perfect for step classes, bootcamps and plyometrics. By varying the height and angles, the platforms are also suited to more advanced workouts that help with muscle strengthening as well as balance and coordination. The clever anatomical hot-spot targets on the platforms enable creative and effective programing, making it easy for all members to follow choreography. The lightweight and patented locking system allow for easy transportation and quick transitions from horizontal to incline work. Safety is key with non-slip feet and top surfaces that are welded on.

 614.706.4462  


FAMQRSticker_CampusRecFitness Assets

Manage fitness assets from any manufacturer anywhere, anytime with Fitness Asset Manager. Designed by health club executives with rec center managers in mind, FAM works the way you do, managing warranty work, preventative maintenance schedules, repair costs and individual product usage from the touch of a button. All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser. There is no server to buy, no software to install and nothing to maintain. Just log in and start managing your assets. Introducing QR code scanning to report product issues.

 866.344.3870  


Tim O'Brien - JX-2XL-27Fore Supply

Introducing the new Stage 2 Hand Sanitizers from 2XL. From the manufacturer of Gym Wipes, the industry standard in equipment sanitation, Stage 2 Hand Sanitizers kill germs before they can get on shared surfaces. Easy to mount and refill, the Stage 2 system informs people that you have taken your sanitation concerns to the next level. You can show your commitment to health safety by placing these devices around your facility, killing germs at their source before they ever touch a piece of equipment.

 800.543.5430    


Amy Brooks - nylonhandlesFull Circle Padding

Full Circle Padding manufactures an extensive selection of over two dozen different nylon handles and straps for use on any type of cable equipment; specifically for Free Motion, Life Fitness, Precor and Nautilus. Nylon handles are perfect for members who prefer a more natural movement when using equipment. Our handles are constructed of strong durable nylon webbing, heavy duty D rings and non-porous PVC grips and are sewn by hand in our facility to our specific standards.

 800.875.7780 


webGreen Series Fitness

Green Series Fitness. Stunningly modern, yet meticulously crafted, the new 8000 Treadmill represents the next stage in Green Series Fitness’ growing cardio equipment portfolio. Designed for university recreational centers seeking a premium treadmill without the premium price. The Green Series 8000 Treadmill with entertainment console features a high-definition, 19 inch touchscreen with TV, WiFi, integrated Apple and Android compatibility, USB and CSAFE charging ports. Employing Virtual Connect technology, users can also enjoy their choice of 10 pre-loaded forward motion videos of beautiful sceneries from throughout the world, included at no additional cost.

 800.862.1509   


Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 9.24.05 AMInnoSoft

InnoSoft Canada Inc. specializes in recreation management software. Their product, Fusion, helps facility operators manage recreation facilities. From membership management to checking out equipment and controlling access to facilities, Fusion is involved in each process. Fusion is an all-in-one solution that includes a full suite of point-of-sale, reporting and communication tools. Fusion’s online member portal is used by clients to offer course registrations, guest pass sales and facility bookings -— all from the convenience of their web browser or mobile device.  888.510.3827  ______________________________________________________________________________

LogoNavyKey Log Rolling

Key Log Rolling is the brainchild of world champion log rollers who are passionate about the growth and development of the sport. Weighing only 65 pounds, it is easy to transport and store. When filled with water, the Key Log’s patented baffle system re-creates the density required to float, spin and react just like a traditional wood log. The Key Log Trainers™, accessories designed to slow and stabilize the spin of the log, make learning fun for beginners right from the start. They can be added or removed, creating a progression to learning and continuous challenge for varying ability levels.

 763.544.0047   


UCTL392(30)-5A-E-PLList Industries

The recreation center is the central hub of every campus, where students visit daily with an ID badge, cell phone or tablet in hand. Mobile device lockers are ideal for use in a university building where personal items, cell phones and tablets need to be securely stored and protected from theft. Mobile device lockers can be manufactured padlock ready, with a Digitech lock or a Key Cam Lock. Body construction is 20 gauge cold rolled steel and the doors have a 16 gauge continuous piano hinge. Mobile device lockers are powder coated in platinum and have standard with a two-year warranty.

 800.776.1342  



Discover the versatile S-Drive Performance Trainer to help your athletes elevate their explosiveness and endurance while refining form. Only the S-Drive Performance Trainer gives you everything you get from self-powered treadmills, weighted sleds, resistance parachutes and harness systems in one space-saving footprint. Athletes can improve overall agility through a mix of forward, lateral and reverse movements, and a unique design makes it easier than ever for coaches and trainers to refine form with instant feedback and adjust resistance to create a program progression tailor-made for their athletes’ goals.

 866.693.4863   


ts3MCore FTS 

MCore FTS has developed the most versatile piece of workout equipment available, giving the user a full body workout with one compact bench. It was developed by Todd Gates, a Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach, as an answer to modern functional training needs. The goal was to reinvent the traditional workout bench and the result is a fully adjustable, customizable Training Station that can adapt to any body type. Used alone or with an array of attachments, the Training Stations engage the user’s legs and core at all times and can accommodate well over 200 exercises.

 516.308.619   


Tina Nibbe - must see companiesOctane Fitness

Octane Fitness. As the only commercial fitness equipment manufacturer in the world dedicated exclusively to zero-impact training, Octane Fitness is defined by its innovative breakthroughs in this competitive industry. The company offers a full collection of traditional standing ellipticals, recumbent ellipticals, lateral ellipticals with the LateralX, optimized cross training with the XT-One that does it all and reinvented running with the Zero Runner. Check out the exciting new product at the NIRSA show for another incredible way to fuel your students.

 888.OCTANE4   


Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 2.21.12 PMRDG Planning and Design

RDG PLANNING & DESIGN knows collegiate rec. Celebrating their 50th anniversary, RDG well serves this market, nationwide. They provide programing, comprehensive design, feasibility analysis, needs assessment, master planning and the full-range of architectural services. RDG’s creative talent is rooted in architecture, landscape architecture, planning, interiors, artistry, media, lighting design and engineering. Their designs make powerful first impressions and are regularly recognized for design excellence. “We work with collegiate rec professionals on projects of all sizes, budgets, and complexities,” said RDG principal Jack Patton. He continued “We’ve enjoyed the pleasure of working with both the largest and smallest collegiate recreation programs across North America.”

   



SprinkGUARD. Invented by a basketball coach, SprinkGUARD offers industrial strength protection for sprinkler heads in fire suppression systems. Unlike common guards, SprinkGUARD attaches directly to the supply line, eliminating contact with the sprinkler head. The welded steel construction is built to withstand impact from virtually any hazard while allowing sufficient spray patterns to develop. An integrated safety collar stops full rotation due to impact, preventing the guard from snapping the head. SprinkGUARD has been rigorously tested and UL classified for use with all major sprinkler head brands. Available in a variety of colors and stainless steel options. Manufactured in the USA.

 877.274.7976  


Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 2.28.31 PMSubItUp

SubItUp is an industry-leading platform for online scheduling management, and it helps an ever-expanding list of clients from different fields work more efficiently. From intramural sports league scheduling to staff management and payroll reconciliation, SubItUp’s remarkable versatility and above-and-beyond customer support has positioned the software as an integral workplace asset in higher education, police and fire departments, call centers, retail outlets, and many other industries. Interested to see what SubItUp can do for you?

 617.401.8733 


TexonTowel_3x3_300dpi (1)Texon Athletic Towel

Texon Towel and Supply is the nation’s trusted supplier of towels for athletics, recreation departments and military MWR. Texon carries a full line of colored, white and center-stripe towels in all sizes and weights. Now offering Gym Wipes from 2XL at wholesale pricing. Texon Towel and Supply also offers laundry carts, mesh bags and laundry straps.

 800.328.3966   


FullBody_Press4x4.3TRUE Fitness

TRUE Fitness. The all-new Composite Strength line from TRUE Fitness is reinventing strength equipment. The Full Body Press combines the benefits of core conditioning with full body integrated motions. An easily adjustable, multi-position starting point allows this machine to accommodate a wide range of users varying in size and flexibility levels. The Full Body Press provides the integration of functional exercises using controlled movement patterns for a safer and more effective workout experience.

 800.426.6570  



upace is a management mobile downloadable app and web-based platform that allows university members to find the optimal time and resources to live a healthier lifestyle on campus. The software allows the university to customize the app to fit their specific needs as well as collect data to better make informed decisions. upace is available in Apple and Google Play stores.

 215.630.7496   


3X3 AdvertisementZephyr Locks

Zephyr Lock offers a complete line of shared-use locks that can help improve efficiencies, create an upscale presentation, and streamline the locker experience for your members. All Zephyr Lock shared-use products offer simple methods of access for managerial staff as well as a simple user interface for your members and clientele. With systems ranging from maintenance free mechanical locks to highly programmable RFID electronic locks, Zephyr Lock manufactures products that fit every need and application for your locker room.

 866.937.4971   

Emily Harbourne was a previous editor for Campus Rec Magazine.

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