Discovery Series Strength 

Discovery Series

The Discovery Series from Precor is straightforward strength equipment that exercisers will use, featuring thoughtfully designed products that are inviting, intuitive and built for performance. 

Clean, simple product design helps exercisers overcome intimidation in the strength area and keeps the Discovery Series Strength looking timeless, lending a modern appearance to your facility that will last into the future. The instructional placards incorporate easy-to-understand, large illustrations that demonstrate correct form and muscle usage at a glance. Low-height weight stack towers that are all the same height open up clean site lines within a facility, while translucent weight stack shields that let light pass through create a more open environment. Oversized welded frame construction provides a solid foundation that will not bend, flex or creak under heavy loads, and the open frames and easily accessible seat adjustment points all speak to the streamlined design and approachability of the Discovery Series.  

Whether it’s weight plate selection, add-on weight, seat height or back pad angle, Discovery Series Strength products are easy to customize for your exercisers’ strength training needs.  To ensure a precise fit, all adjustments are within reach of the seated position with a large, highly visible rubber over-molded handle. Smaller diameter weight horns allow for easy removal and replacement of plates, and weight horns are set at optimal heights to avoid bending over and reaching up to load and unload weight plates.  

With products that feel the way they are supposed to feel and encourage proper biomechanics, the Discovery Series delivers to promise. Products are easily adjustable to optimally position and stabilize the exerciser’s body in order to properly engage the targeted muscles. Equipment is designed to demand greater balance and core muscle engagement, significantly improving the impact of every workout.  

With only three fasteners on the Discovery Selectorized shroud cap, thoughtful product design makes Discovery Series Strength easier to maintain and service. Additionally, with fewer components subject to wear, tear and breakage, products appear newer and more appealing to exercisers.   

The Discovery Series can be customized to coordinate with the design and branding of a facility so operators can achieve the mood and energy they want for their strength area. In addition to standard upholstery, frame and shroud cap colors, Precor offers custom colors, shroud wraps and logo placement on lifting platforms at an additional charge. 

With Discovery Series Strength, your valuable floor space will be filled with products that are expected, desired and get used by the majority of your exercisers. With a variety of traditional and non-traditional products within the Discovery Series, exercisers can tailor their fitness journey and progressively strength train with selectorized, plate-loaded, and benches and racks. 

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    “Whether someone is a beginner or a more advanced exerciser, our certified professional staff caters to every client’s needs and creates programs centered on each person’s needs and goals.

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