Drive Your Students to HIIT the Gym


The demographics of a university rec center are just as diverse as the university itself. People are from different backgrounds, diverse cultures, and arrive with different expectations in regards to health and fitness. Your rec center and the programs you integrate provide opportunities for every member to find fitness experiences that are right for them. 

Without a doubt, one of the top fitness trends today is High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). HIIT not only offers a sense of community for the population that explicitly looks for this social dynamic, but it has maintained its popularity for many years due to its ability to produce results quickly. 

To ensure your rec center stays competitive with each new trend, it’s important to plan – or build – your space with the concept of flexibility. As new trends arise, your flexible space will be easily adjusted so your exercisers can incorporate new trends into their fitness routine. 

Functional fitness equipment is an excellent way for rec centers to provide HIIT to their students. It offers a variety of activities that bring functional fitness to a new level, both for individuals and for small group training. 

Find a partner who will ensure you’re at the forefront of the latest fitness trends. Choose a knowledgeable and experienced team to help you plan your space, incorporate current trends and prepare for what’s coming next.   


By Katie Dobbs, the marketing coordinator at Precor. Katie is the content marketing expert at Precor, a fitness equipment manufacturer whose mission is to develop personalized health and fitness experiences that help people live the lives they desire. Check out how the University of North Carolina Greensboro embraces trends in their facility. To reach Kaite, call 425.482.5778 or email For more information, go to

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