Experience Series Cardio: A Mix-and-Match Portfolio

Experience Series Cardio

No matter what kind of fitness facility you run, the Precor mix-and-match cardio and console portfolio can be tailored to meet your needs, whether your exercisers require a range of unique motions and tech savvy entertainment, or just want to get on and go. Pair the P82, P62 or P30 consoles with any Experience Series cardio models across the 800, 700 and 600 lines to find the best fit for your exercisers and facility.

Select the product mix. The choice is yours. No matter what you choose, a consistent design means you’ll be maintaining a cohesive look and feel across all lines. Your Precor authorized representative can help you decide.

Regardless of how you mix it, rest assured all Experience Series cardio models are built on a platform you can rely on. They all start with the same frame, ensuring the highest commercial quality.

In a networked environment, the P82 and P62 touchscreen consoles are the ideal portals to media, apps and entertainment options. For non-networked environments, Precor has a console built to support your exercisers with the best workout possible, from programs to ease of use to entertainment. The choices of technology and digital services offered with the Experience Series Cardio focus on what you value the most: building your brand, tracking and maintaining your equipment, engaging your exercisers, and strengthening the feeling of community within your facility. Exercisers are delighted with the interactive and immersive workouts, and operators are able to leverage features to brand the console screen and deliver customized messages to keep exercisers in-the-know about classes, services and events.

Cardio choice matters. Choose Precor.

For more information, visit precor.com.

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