Innovative Electronic Lock Full of Features and Amazing Battery Life

Electronic Lock

The 7910 Combi-Cam E Electronic Lock is compact, ergonomic and full of features such as two modes – single and unlimited users – master and service key override, RFID model, and more. Dramatically decrease future maintenance cost with up to a 10-year battery life.

Battery Life- Save Money and Hassle

No more frequent, scheduled battery changes with short life batteries. Save time, money and hassle over the life of the lock with the Combi-Cam E. More environmentally friendly lock with less batteries destined to end up in garbage dumps.

Flexibility – Single User or Unlimited Users

The Combi-Cam E can be programed to be in static, one user mode or day use mode with unlimited users where each person walks up to an open lock and uses their own code.

Three Levels of Control

User mode allows the end-user to set their own combination. Master code access has full control of the many optional programming options as well as overriding the user code and setting a new combination. The optional service user code gives limited access to just overriding the user code with the ability to track access.

RFID Option

The Combi-Cam E is also available in an RFID model. The RFID version allows the lock to be used in either RDIF or push button mode. In RFID mode, all features of the standard lock are available, with the addition of allowing up to 12 users in standard mode and unlimited card holders in day use mode.

Compact, Ergonomic and Easy to Use

The compact size of the Combi-Cam E makes it more versatile in the number of applications. The buttons in their compact format are very easy to use, and the product is easy to set up and manage.

Competitive Price

The Combi-Cam is competitively priced and long term costs are significantly lower than any other electronic lock on the market.

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