Four of My Favorite Cover Story Quotes

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It’s been almost a year since I took over Campus Rec Magazine. Woah. Incredible, huh?

Over this past year, I’ve talked to some amazing leaders within the industry. And I know there’s only more people to talk to as time goes on.

As such, I wanted to pull some of my favorite quotes from my past cover stories this year. I wanted to share them with you here. They are in this list because they either inspired me, or taught me a new lesson, or even reminded me about a truth I had forgotten. Hopefully, they do the same for you:

January/February 2018 Cover Story

Who? Stephen Kampf, the director of campus recreation at Bowling Green State University

“I’ve always said probably about 90 percent of your job is dealing with people and dealing with the staff,” said Kampf. “You also have to realize people have a life outside of the job they do, and there are times you have to give that staff member the time to take care of their personal life … You need to give them the opportunities to grow as a professional, to allow them to go to conferences, to allow them to get professional development. Invest in your staff member.”

March/April 2018 Cover Story

Who? Cheri Jenkins, the associate director of operations at the University of Utah

“We are here for the students, to empower them, to get them ready for the real world. And getting really a lot of life and work skills that can transfer to really any job they’ll have out there,” she said. “We really are here to make the student experience, make it higher quality, more well-rounded and have students be really proud of being part of the U.”

May/June 2018 Cover Story

Who? Maureen McGonagle, the director of Campus Recreation at DePaul University

“I truly believe if you want to succeed yourself, the best way to ensure you succeed is by focusing on the success of others,” she said. “A very large part of my job is about creating the conditions for my staff to be successful and happy. I know it sounds a little trite to say I’m prioritizing my staff’s happiness, but the truth is if they feel challenged, respected and supported they’re going to do better work, and if they do better work, we’re doing a better job of achieving our mission.”

July/August 2018 Cover Story

Who? Andrew Milton, the director of campus recreation at St. Ambrose University

“One of the greatest things about this profession, aside from getting to work with students each and every day, is that each day is different. So you have to be nimble and ready to ‘jam’ as I call it, when you thought you were going to work on these things, but these other things came up that you now must tend to,” he said.

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