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InnoSoft Canada Inc., the market leader in campus recreation software, announced a new partnership with FreedomPay, the global leader in secure commerce technology for lodging, gaming, retail, restaurants, stadiums and other hospitality merchants, to integrate FreedomPay’s Advanced Commerce Platform into InnoSoft’s Fusion recreation management software. With this integration, recreation departments at more than 220 colleges and universities around the world can now use FreedomPay’s secure payment processing technology to not only streamline payments within their recreational facilities, but also allow students and members to make secure payments for memberships and programs online.

This relationship also enables InnoSoft to leverage FreedomPay’s innovative tokenization technology to offer recurring billing functionality to its customers. Under this recurring billing model, the FreedomPay integration allows customers to store credit card information and be billed monthly for their recreation memberships.

As part of this partnership, FreedomPay’s technology will be incorporated into the Fusion point-of-sale and eCommerce components, allowing one-time and recurring payments to be processed seamlessly and securely both in-person and online. These new capabilities were rolled out at 10 universities in 2017, including California State University, Fullerton. Following this, the FreedomPay Advanced Commerce Platform is expected to be added to an additional 20 higher education customer locations in 2018.

“Since deploying the integration between Fusion and FreedomPay, our error rates for transactions have improved dramatically, versus the manual method of completing transactions we used previously. Also, the speed of the transaction process is fantastic, and we are experiencing far less issues than with the previous solution – i.e. terminals timing out, connection issues, etc. Overall, the new integration has drastically improved the efficiency of our credit card transactions,” said Ken Maxey, the facility coordinator at California State University, Fullerton.

The FreedomPay Advanced Commerce Platform is the first PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solution with EMV, NFC, dynamic currency conversion (DCC) and real-time data capabilities that delivers on a global scale. By partnering with FreedomPay, InnoSoft can simplify payment security by providing complete card data security for all transactions by ensuring that sensitive cardholder data is encrypted at the point of interaction.

“Over the years FreedomPay has become a trusted partner for colleges and universities as we’ve provided secure, innovative payment processing capabilities at stadiums and cafeterias,” said Jeffery Walls, the vice president of channel development at FreedomPay. “This partnership with InnoSoft allows FreedomPay to extend our presence into additional facilities across campuses, while also illustrating the increasing demand for secure payment options and capabilities.”

InnoSoft’s Fusion Recreation Management Software Platform is widely considered to be the most functionally deep and user-friendly software platform on the market. The extensive platform assists facility operators with managing their recreation facilities – from sales of memberships and programs to controlling access via turnstiles and card readers. Furthermore, the responsive Fusion eCommerce platform offers rich online functionality to customers including self-service program registration, membership sales and facility bookings – all from the convenience of a web browser or mobile device.

“We’re beginning to see a shift at colleges and universities worldwide as the demand for secure, but flexible in-person and online payment options increases,” said Harrison Kelly, the director of sales at InnoSoft. “Our relationship with FreedomPay gives us the ability to embrace the on-demand economy by providing payment and access capabilities that offer the flexibility students want, while delivering the security administrators need.”

About FreedomPay 

The FreedomPay Commerce Platform is the best way for merchants to simplify complex payment environments. Validated by the PCI Security Standards Council for Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) along with EMV, NFC and DCC capabilities, global leaders in retail, hospitality, gaming, education, healthcare and financial services trust FreedomPay to deliver unmatched security and advanced value added services. With broad integrations across top point-of-sale, device manufacturers and payment processors, supported by rapid API adoption, FreedomPay is driving the future of commerce and customer interaction. For more information, go to

About Innosoft Canada 

InnoSoft is the leading provider of campus recreation management software to the University market in North America with world famous customers such as Wisconsin, Michigan, Western, Waterloo, Notre Dame, Florida, UCLA, Arizona State and many more. Over the years, InnoSoft has built strong products and services to help colleges and universities fully manage all aspects of their recreational facilities, so that student, faculty and staff members, as well as selected outside guests, have the ability to utilize facilities and sign up for various activities and leagues.

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